Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sohren Slime Schampa Guilty in Mexico of race crashes, in trouble. Pistol Pete, "Bull$hit".


June 25. Finally, the SCORE Las Vegas Cup was cancelled, blowing the chances of the misguided joe shmoes of off-road, the joys of riding with Pete in Vegas. And all the overheated party promises, gone. The bar tabs, the crew and alas, the pool. Gone! All the alcoholics dreams dashed! Bummer!

The Schampa SLIME #2 now sits in the red light of questions. No hard proof that the crash at the recent Baja 500 didn't take place. The facts are clear. Gabriel Garcia of El Vigia has charged Pistol Pete Sohren with vehicular lower class slaughter and the glorious Mexicans of off-road have a reason to keep the watch out for the team and truck of Sohren, while racing in Mexico.

On June 26, Baja Racing received this email message, "Highlights of this (Pete's Baja 500) in-car footage will be shown on in the days to come." We're STILL waiting. The #2 Sohren Slime Schampa team is now known for running down lower classes, the Mexicans will follow the developments. Closely.

Until a full tape of the entire race and the locals saying it's NOT sohren, this is the locals story and Baja Racing is sticking to it. Gary Newsome, Editor.

The original story:


Article printed in the Newspaper in Ensenada! Baja Racing EXCLUSIVE

By: Gabriel Garcia, El Vigia Newspaper, Ensenada Baja California, Mexico

It is now widely known that the Schampa SLIME #2 Trophy Truck of Pete Sohren is a serial race crasher. "Listed in the El Vigia Newspaper in Ensenada, my regular column, "Mysteries of the Baja", I write about the off-road races here in Baja, Mexico.

Sohren Guilty! I was called on to find out, something unpleasant. An event that happened to the Sahisa Team during the recent Baja 500. To be more precise, to Arnoldo Ramirez, who got crashed by an American racer at the recently finished, SCORE Baja 500, here in Ensenada, Baja Mexico.

Since it was struck by another vehicle from behind, without any notification by use of his horn, to get the racer in front of him, nor any slight touch, or "nerf", the American racer not only turned around, but pinned “Cone” Ramirez against the boulders, putting his life at risk. And the life of the copilot by the brutal blow. The damages to the race car were many, the racer totaled! Problems in the motor, made a total loss of power. In spite of that mishap, I spoke to Ramirez and Missael Arámbula to get the details of the story and damages. The Class ½ - 1600, the totaled race car damages are clear.

The identity of the aggressor is American, Pete Sohren. As much Ramirez as Arámbula affirms and confirms that “Pistol” Pete Sohren was the one who brought about the spectacular accident to them. The costs to them was to lose the race and their race car, when they went first across the finish line and recovering in time in relation to their rivals, something that was a true feat, but this does not stop here, since they verbally protested in writing with Score International, since this is not the first time this has happened.

During the last Baja 1000 in November '07, that finished in Cabo San Lucas, Sohren completely attacked the Class 12 of James Márquez, when he was the leader in the class and was lined up for an easy win. The result, to leave all hope of triumph, with the motor in very bad condition. All the deeds of the owner-driver of the SCORE Trophy-Truck, [Schampa SLIME] number 2. Pistol Pete Sohren. Later that weekend, the damaged racer slugged Sohren on the streets of Cabo, in retribution.

Today, the members of the Sahisa Racing Team demand that the American, Pete Sohren of Phoenix Arizona, and his co-pilot, pay the damages of his racer, that is now unsuitable for any use, that includes the motor, suspension and many other parts. SCORE owner Sal Fish observed this damage, the racer Sohrens actions were not only aggressive, but illogical, putting at risk all the racers of smaller cars and lighter classes.

Score-International must intervene in this affair and solve this problem, before the people of Ensenada do."

Pete's first response: "Of course this is all bull$hit........started 6th, followed bj for 30ish miles trying to pressure him to pass the 39, he is too smart to take unnessarary chance so we all just piddle along, make right uphill after short ojos speed run and oil light comes on, i immediately shut down engine and we all get out, take off hood and sure enough, oil pump belt broken the riders quickly get out the tools and i have fresh belt on in a jiffy, we put tools away all get bucked back in, we take off just as the last TT goes by, the #60. we follow him closely but can tell he is being held up also and no one can pass. we fight the dust for 50 miles and finally give him a rub right before the asphalt at K77, jeff gives me a wave as we pull on the road and he pulls into a pit as does robby who was in front of him, we cruise down the pavement and clean our sheilds and glasses then blast back into the dirt with more dust just ahead, as we enter the bad wash just a half mile in the 84 TT pulls infront of us from the right (i didnt know there was a line on the right, haha) we quickly nudge him and get by, still more dust ahead, we get to the either/or at race mile 85ish and go left and as the right lane comes back in jesse james is barreling down the hill and makes the right just in front of us, i mash it and overtake him on the right as he swings wide, next truck ahead looks to be the 7 but we decide not to try him as we have a fuel stop at 105ish, i tell eddie and the crew to be fast as there is a whole pack right behind us..........we stop for fuel but it seems to take forever and the 71(?), 36, and 77 all go by..they said it was a 45 second stop................we take off and quickly run down the 77, and see the 36 just ahead, i want to pass them and charge up the rocky narrow roads, we are within 2 car lengths of the 77 and WHAM!!!!! we hit a boulder and it shoots us off the road to the right down the hill onto some HUGE boulders (what a stupid rookie move!) we get out and the front left is killed and we are in a bad spot, we change the front and i crawl to figure out what were stuck on.....the third member and the fuel cell are both caught on 2 different huge boulders, we jack and stack rocks and make a path and UNBELEIVABLY it drive back up on the road, after 50 yards i realize something is broken in the steering and we limp up to the summit and pull off to make repairs, i crawl under and spend 2 and a half hours changing the servo (it is next to impossible to change it in the shop, so you can imagine what it was like) i fire it up and it doesnt fix the problem, i now change the pump and it doesnt fix it either, totally bummed and discouraged at this point we have to call it a day and limp back to hyway and admit defeat... it about 6 pm when we make it to the hyway................where this story comes from i have no this racar a real person or just a story made up by someone????? i wonder who???? beleive want you want this is my story from the 500".

And of course, Claus and Kurtis padlocked any further responses. Why? When they are the laziest operators and allow any bullshit to run, on and on and on. Then again, they only delete and lock when its REAL and they are attempting to hide the truth! On June 10, they actually started promoting the scam, running a banner ad. Can you say legally exposed?

Obviously, the Schampa SLIME #2 Trophy Truck is underfunded. Pete is out begging for additional racing money. The new #2 panhandling announced today, going after "regular guys" says to any serious racers, if Pete is willing to scam regular guys, he's desperate from the standard sponsor money drying up.

In Pete's new venture into money raising, he states: "I'm going to try this so regular guys also get a chance to ride in a trophy truck at a score race: 1. for $100 you are a "sponsor" of the Schampa/Slime team for the SCORE Vegas Cup race. 2. you get your name on the truck 3. you get a team shirt and will be invited to be in our pit area the entire weekend (and get to hang with eddie) 4. food and drinks for all "sponsors" 5. the lucky drawing winner will ride shotgun in the [SLIME Schampa] #2 the entire weekend in all practices, heat races and main events , 2nd and 3rd runners up will be invited to ride in practices (if score will allow the second rider) (or maybe they can go on press day) the winner MUST be able to fit in the seat correctly and be of competent health to be able to take the punishment of the ride- the winner does not have the right to transfer the ride! if the winner cannot ride we will go to the next runner-up-----this is meant to be fun for all and all decisions made by me will be final!!! (if this turns out to be a pissing match i will not ever do it again) im sure i have forgot something so ask questions and i will try to answer them-------there will be a public drawing of all "sponsors" and it will NOT be a scam .....ONLY legititmate sponsors will be included in the drawing------send a cashiers check or money order made out to race2 win promotions, send to speedway raceway 2425 s 21st street, phoenix AZ 85034 suite 56."

UPDATED! Pistol Pete said today, "there is no limit (to the number of entries) ........but there is only 6 now............odds pretty good". Wow, getting to hang in the pits with Fast Eddie & the boys and riding in #2 with Pistola is the prize! Prevoius updates: Pete said, "there is only 2 right now............if there is 250 we will be having beer..........strip(p)ers..............hahahhaha".

On June 16, Pete said, "for all the people that wanted a raffle there is NOT very many entries, hahahahahaha only 10 in so far and 2 of them are sidekick and nimrod with a two-party-out-of-state-check, so they are not officially confirmed yet, Cameron Steele never follows the rules (maybe his name should be cheater).....................deadline will be 5 minutes before we draw the winner at speedway on monday july 13 at 7pm"....then crazy doug corrected the time and date challenged racer by noting the draw will happen on Monday, July 14.

On June 17, brainiac Cameron Steele says, "Sent him a check from the race's a write off for advertising! I hope Kick or Nim get the seat!" LMAO!, do not take tax advice from this dipshit. This Pistol Pete folly is a "game of chance" and the federal government wants to talk to Mr. offroad taxlaws about his returns! Baja Racing could never make this material up, it's better than a train wreck.

Back in Mexico, Now that the Victims have Hammered the Issue...

"No question about contacting the sponsors - not only is that coming but a statement regarding their liability exposure is imminent (particularly if the sponsor is US based)." Sound familiar? Ensenada is now saying, "Why wouldn't we organize and DEMAND that the American racers pocketing our dollars watch out for their interests by WATCHING OUT FOR US." The SCHAMPA SLIME #2 has some splainin' to do. On board video of the race could have bailed out the SCHAMPA SLIME Sohren team out of trouble. Ultimately, no in-car video was produced and therefore no "on its face" proof that the crash didn't take place.

So much for the Americans giving a rats-ass about the beaten & battered Ensenada locals!

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing