Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SCORE Sal Fish in La Paz working on Baja 1000 '09

EXCLUSIVE to Baja Racing News.com
by: Jose Lima, La Paz reporter

La Paz, Baja South, Mexico- The president of the Mexican Federation of Sport Motoring, Jose Sanchez Jassen, entertained with the Governor of the State of Southern Baja, Narcissus Agúndez Montaño, in recognition of the support of off-road racing in the state. The development of motoring of Off Road in Southern Baja California is on the upswing.

Narcissus Agundez Montano was being celebrated for his new support of the sport of Off-Road1

The president of FEMADAC arrived yesterday at South Baja California and today presented the Governor Narcissus Agúndez Montaño in the Palace of Government, where Sal Fish and other off-road sport dignataries participated in exchanging awards.

The recently ran Baja 1000, 40 years of racing, fulfilled a special race course, with some sections ran for the first time in SCORE history. Even though, those same routes are traditional race courses in southern Baja. SCORE President "Salted Pesca", as some say in Mexico, Sal Fish participated in the instituted ceremony of registering under Mexico's flag for the southern baja californianos racers-pilots who participate in off-road racing.

The most recently run Baja 500 was celebrated by Jeffries Racing for its win the Class 1 division. The awards presented were a silver helmet to the governor and a silver plaque to Jimmie Jeffries Racing of Baja Sur. The presented "silver racing helmet", will be on display this week in La Paz, in the palace of government until 10 AM in the morning.

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