Thursday, July 17, 2008

Class 7SX You Suck! Non-racer girl first in points. Heidi Steele beating the little girls of off road in points, so far

Baja Racing

The cheating, dress wearing team and green girl driver of record beating everyone in Class 7SX! How bad is this class of racers when they are all getting beat by the cheating promoting,"desert assasins". And the driver of record is just now learning how to drive!?

Pictured is team leader Cameron Steele with special equipment the desert assassins are winning the class with. And husband of driver of record, Heidi.

Baja Racing
is still following the story of Heidi Steeles race "visible" tracking stopping prior to the finish at the most recent Baja 500. AN EQUIPMENT PROBLEM? Reports at the time indicated questions about the finish of the Class 7SX leaders. Do you have information on this story? Send it to:

Here are the points mid-way in the desert racing season, you should all be embarrassed:

1 Heidi Steele 40 55 90 185
2 John Holmes 19 68 84 171
3 Alonso Gonzalez X 62 33 95
4 Rich Severson X 58 31 89
5 Alberto Iriarte X 53 32 85
6 Noe Sierra X X 80 80
7 Mike Horner X X 77 77
8 Gerardo Novelo 15 20 35 70
9 Norman Turley X X 34 34
10 Jeff Fuller X X 30 30
11 Trevor Turley X 22 X 22
12 Ted Moncure X 21 X 21
13 Aaron Gomez 12 X X 12