Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Glamis Gurlie will suck you off. Jamie Fagan blows.

Baja Racing EXPOSES the horror of Off-Road

Manolo with ProBaja said after Jamie Fagan tried "to get ahold" of him, "Glamis Gurlie will suck you off", in classic broken Spanish and English! Now that Manolos ProBaja website collapsed again and the two race associations are fighting over racers in southern Baja, again. It's mid-July and Jamie Fagan has been caught with her mouth around the wanker of another racing organization. Again. This happens every July, right?

All racing organizations contacted for this story, refute the following Jamie Fagan, of Las Vegas, Nevada, comments are connected to any legit racing group. They simply say, 'she's a volunteer, period'.

Jamie Fagan said in trying to uslurp a legit racing organization:
"I know this because I personally looked into it with the BLM regarding the Plaster City area and I was given the okey doke if I chose to, as long as it didnt conflict with the bike races..."

Trey Piersall kept sucking:
"Yes that is true to a point. The key word is "good standing". From what I have been told is a (new)promoter can challange those guarantees. I've said too much...."

Jamie Fagan continued the sucking:
"Yessir, that is the key word there, as well as reputation, cooperation, and management of the area used when racing..."

From the Pro 1600 website:
"12/10/07 Terribles Pro 1600 Shoot Out
The drawing for starting positions will be on 22-Dec-2007 after the course marking. To be included in the drawing Entries must be recieved and paid in full by no later than 20-Dec-2007. You can also mail them to Jamie Fagan @ 4812 Fiesta Lake Street, Las Vegas, NV. 89130 Please make checks payable to Jamie Fagan."

Brian Burgess "Cheater": "Part of the problem is MDR cheerleaders that are on here saying that its a truck series and they don't need buggys. If I was MDR I would take those guys pom poms away and zip their mouths closed. Also this goes for MDR and MORE they both need to get a tracking system. The More series has more cheating but that is only because they have 3 times the cars and if MDR ever gets the car count up it will have the same problem. If MORE and MDR are commited they will get a tracking system. If they are not they will still only be a testing ground for a lot of teams."

On the pro 1600 website:
Terrible’s PRO1600 Shoot-Out Contingency:
PAB stepped up as usual: "Every extended member of the DA family in attendance at Primm New Years will put up $50 of their own cash for the most flagrant cheater of the weekend......"

Jamie Fagan said: "I think someone should just buy MDR - new ownership and good reputations are what it's gonna take to get this series back to its glory... And i'm not putting down any of you that are working hard to get it to turn around, so please don't take it that way - i would love to see a competitive, professional and honest for-the-racers series going on down there... I just see the writing on the wall as long as the current owners are involved...leopards can't change their spots..."

And as long as Jamie Fagan is a volunteer off-road contingency rep, she can slander any legit racing organization she wants, right? Welcome to the fake west coast off-road racing community!!!
Leave it to Brain "cheater" Burgess to say who is cheating and who is not! Just like in farting, 'the one who smelt it dealt it'.

Along with some other off-road racing 'volunteers', Jamie Fagan says they should be "bought out", because, according to this, "they" are not honest.

As for the others who echo Jamie Fagans verbal farts, the legit racing organizations know you, know you are just whining, bitching, little girls who have nothing to do with real sport. Keep up the squeels bitches, we all know who you are, you are dragging down the entire off-road racing community, losing land to race on and any vestige of legitimacy.

Jamie: "My Hobbies & Interests... Hmmmm Interests: checking out all the hot guys in Tech - whew! God, I love my job :) ... oh, and did I mention checking out all the hot guys in Tech? heh heh...drinking, drinking and drinking, music, anything except country acccck!!" Who is taking care of your kids, Jamie?

Gary Newsome Editor
Baja Racing