Thursday, August 07, 2008

BF Goodrich continues to "Chase Baja"

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing

If you haven't seen "Chasing Baja", you must.

A multi-million dollar company places all of it's video eggs in the basket of a poser tour outfit in Mexico and they "crashed", ran into a palm tree. If it wasn't for the solid BF Goodrich rep pushing the team across the finish line to Cabo, game over, total embarasment.

The palm tree the team hit, is located at one of Baja Racing favorite locations. SCORE ran the Baja 1000 through for the first time in it's history. Funny, on the same route the CABO 500 ran two years earlier. The route south of the turn-off to La Paz will be part of the CABO 500 DVD available in '09.

By the way BFG, stick to what you know, leave the real Baja for the Californios! And SCORE, keep making that left hand turn to La Paz and leave the cape, 'CABO' to us! Going into La Paz for a finish in Baja is like racing to San Felipe and stopping at Laguna Diablo and not making it to town.

Now, every year the CABO 500 runs that neck of the woods (the palm trees part of Baja). Check it out at CABO