Thursday, August 21, 2008

BLM threatens SCORE and Sal Fish after SNORE


BLM calls and threatens desert off-road racing in the west

The Federal Agency phoned Sal Fish with the threats. In an interview last night, Sal Fish, President of SCORE International exposed that he was called by the BLM and threatened, from the results of the recent SNORE race incidents. "We may not get a permit to hold a race", Sal said last night. "The SNORE race (and Jamie Fagan) generated so much hate, emails, phone calls, that the BLM called me about our next race".

The Bureau of Land Management is reeling after a tidal wave of complaints, threats and general rancor against the agency after reports from the last SNORE race that many BLM officers abused their authority in activities during the Nevada off-road race, several weeks ago.

Calls went out from Jamie Fagan and others to blanket the supervisors of the officers in question, to report and complain about the actions of the federal badges. The BLM has been contacted for this story.

In Sal Fish of SCORE reporting that "the BLM called me (him)", "threats against racing in the next PRIMM race might cause the permit for the race to be cancelled", occurred after the wave of complaints about the SNORE race incidents and after Baja Racing News contacted the BLM about the story.

Baja Racing is following this BLOCKBUSTER story closely.
Gary Newsome, Editor.