Thursday, August 28, 2008

DRIVE Racing wants FBI to investigate BLM for map thefts


DRIVE Racing, a group that wants to put up races for the 2009 race season wants the FBI to investigate the infamous disappearance of documents and maps from the El Centro BLM office, by a suspected former BLM employee.

During the years FUD put on races, an employee of the Bureau of Land Management who handled all of the mandatory paperwork for the agency, was a known desert race hater. This is the same person, racing interests think made all those documents and maps disappear from the El Centro BLM office. Now that more races could be held there, the documents and maps are mandatory for race use.

Without the paperwork and maps no new races. So says the El Centro BLM office, they are requiring thousands of dollars of NEW documents and maps just to race for DRIVE.

Anyone who knows about forcing the BLM into more races and demanding an investigation into the missing documents and maps, knows they need money for legal services. Who knows, probably not theft, the BLM El Centro employee simply walked out of the office with them. No breaking and entering needed to ruin racing, in California to hold more desert races!

Baja Racing EXCLUSIVE!