Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jim Holthus, Shaun Ochsner, 'Totally' copying media

Pic of the accused Holthus.
Accusations flew this week, against Jim Holthus and Shaun Ochsner of copyright infringement, copying and using pictures and other media for their purposes without the approval of the rightful owners.

Baja Racing is not and never has been connected in any way to the questionable activities of Jim Holthus or Shaun Ochsner and the accusations of lifting media from established media outlets, including but not limited to, Getty Images.

For sometime, Holthus and Ochsner were using their operation to point fingers at photographers and videographers of the off-road nation, accusing many of copyright infringement. With the recent high profile accusations against Jim Holthus and Shaun Ochsner, came at a time when they have been outed for various dubious business activities. Baja Racing has been a victim of the scoundrels lifting content.

Including the $1,000 ($G) reported by an anonymous poster on Baja Racing, that was taken from CORR by Jim Holthus for doing pre-described work that never happened. When that report came out, there was no refutation given to Baja Racing about the story, either from Holthus, Ochsner or TORR.

Now, with TORR being accused of stealing media and the various other accusations, Holthus and Ochsner have been officially outed. Bob Yen, made the accusations public and via email to CORR.

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing