Saturday, September 06, 2008

Micah Anderson Fiberwerx stomped & left in the dirt

UPDATED! September 16, 2008

Micah Anderson of Fiberwerx was originally outed for originating a questionable picture on a website, an obviously unauthorized underskirt picture of an underage girl. He was not happy about this.

He now spends company time on disturbed graphics and hate oriented internet communications. He's being electronically tracked. Can you say KREAG, Micah?

Then he posts this about the person who outed him: "
How is the HIV coming along? Has it progressed into full blown Aids, Well its only a matter of time. I heard about the new porn series you are working on. Brutal Abortions 4 Barely legal Teens! When is Satan gonna pull that hot branding iron out of your ass? How is the HIV coming along? Has it progressed into full blown Aids, Well its only a matter of time."

Fiberwerx is located in the unicorporated part of El Cajon, California. Steer clear of these clowns. Are you beginning to understand the caliber of people in the off-road industry, who are promoted by the industry itself? Sad, really.


Micah Anderson and Fiberwerx was recently called out and now OWNED, here's how it went down:

About fiberwerx. Who created the templates fiberwerx copied for all the fiberwerx ranger products? And others. It was McNeil Fab/Racing of El Cajon and crew, not fiberwerx. Nice way to treat others, including family members who now never speak to each other. fiberwerx just ripped them off. Consider fiberwerx owned.”

Micah Anderson has not responded since. Fiberwerx, called out and owned.

The Original Story
Recently, the wasted Micah Anderson was left in the dirt, after getting beat up and heavily boot stomped. Bloodied, crushed.

Jason McNeil and Micah Anderson have become known for their fiberglass knockoffs and their over hyped marketing blabs. Like their "Trophy Truck". It's really a repaired class 8. How many templates are actually their work? Reports vary, but one thing is clear. The company Fiberwerx should be checked for each and every template, the designer, the work origin and whether the parts requested are verified as NOT being copied from another designer.

With the hours and hours of design work behind real templates, real professionals have told Baja Racing, Fiberwerx is well-known to be questioned about who really designed the templates used for the parts they sell. When buying parts, ask who designed the items being purchased. Have them write the information on the invoice. Unless, you don't care about the design requirements on your fiberglass. How they form fit and whether you're getting what you pay for.

After being called out for using illegal, unauthorized underskirt photos of underage girls for Fiberwerx marketing efforts, Micah got it. The stomping, deserved or not, reportedly was total. He was in the dirt, down and out. Injuries, blood and his saliva mixed with dirt, face down, stomped. A heavy boot stomping. Just another poser, a so-cal internet waste case, boot victim. Stomped and beat into the ground.

Repeated attempts to have Micah Anderson and Fiberwerx comment, went unanswered. What's happening at that shop anyway?

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing