Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NO GO Baja 1000 No Bueno. Mexican Motocross champion Reyes Murdered in Mexico

Southern Baja cancels October Motocross event after the murder of motocross champ Rene Reyes Aguirre.
A La Paz based sanctioning body cancels So-Baja event after news of high-profile murders
"Champion motorcyclist René Reyes Aguirre and two other Mexican racers were gunned down in the northern border city of Ciudad Juárez, the Mexican Motorcycling Federation, or FMM, said Tuesday.The FMM posted a note of condolence on its Web site, in which it lamented the competitors´ deaths. It added that "they were victims of the violence that unfortunately Chihuahua and the whole country are going through."According to local newspaper El Diario de Chihuahua, an armed individual entered the house where Reyes, 24, and fellow motorcycle racers José Refugio Ontiveros and Andrés Mora were staying, and opened fire on them.Reyes was five-time champion of Supercross SX1 Experts. He last won that race in 2008. Among his international achievements was his 2004 entry into the Main Event in the United States, a competition which brings together the world´s top 20 racers. Reyes came from a family of renowned motorcyclists, among them his father and his brother. On Tuesday, various motorcycle groups in Chihuahua marched in protest against the violent death of their three friends. Nearly 1,050 people have died violently in Chihuahua since Jan. 1, accounting for nearly 50 percent of the deaths nationwide this year. The entire nation has been plagued in recent years by drug-related violence, with powerful cartels battling each other and the security forces as they vie for control of lucrative smuggling routes and distribution channels into the United States. In recent months, more and more reports have emerged of innocent victims being affected by the violence.Army troops and federal police have been deployed to Chihuahua since earlier this year to quell the rising violence. Instead, the murder rate has spiked. Chihuahua Gov. José Reyes Baeza Terrazas called for a new federal strategy to fight organized crime and reinstate security following a mass killing on Saturday."

Another Report:
""MEXICO - Mexican pilot René Reyes Aguirre, national champion of Supercross, was assassinated in Juárez City, border with the United States, along with two colleagues his by a commando armed, informed the Mexican Federation of Motociclismo today (FMM). When confirming the crime, that took place yesterday, the FMM made circulate in its page Web a condolencia note in which it lamented the decease of the sportsmen and maintained that " they were victims of the violence that lamentably this living chihuahua (state northern to that Juárez City belongs) and the country completo". According to the electronic edition of the Newspaper of Chihuahua, a armed commando entered the house where he was Kings, of 24 years of age, next to the other two pilots, Jose Refuge Ontiveros and Andres Blackberry, and shot against them. " We reprobate and we were sorry deeply that the sport, like many other scopes, is private of talented Mexican and still more of friendly deeply wanted and considered by ours comunidad" , it affirmed the Federation. René Third was five times Mexican champion of Experts SX1 of Supercross, the last one in 2008, and between its international profits they emphasize his happens in 2004 to the Main Event of the United States, that reunites to the 20 best ones of the world. Also the harvested bronze medal east year in the Latin American championship and the seventh place in the same contest in 2006. The sportsman comprised of a family of recognized motorcyclists headed by his father and his brother, deceased as a result of cancer in past January. Today, the organizations of motorcyclists of Chihuahua realise a march of protest by the violent death of their three companions. That state of the northwest of the country has registered in which it goes of the year more than thousand murders of the organized crime, very over the second of the list, Sinaloa, that takes average thousand of more than 2,700 entered in an unofficial registry by the newspaper the Universal one.""

Early Report from August 15, 2008

NO GO, No Bueno Baja 1000

The Baja tourism collapse continues. The historic Bike Race has thrown in the towel, "The Rosarito Ensenada 50 Mile Fun Bicycle Ride has enjoyed a history spanning almost 30 years and has been an icon among cycling events around the world. But the decrease in Baja tourism has reduced attendance to our financial break-even point. We have decided that this next ride on September 27, 2008, will be our last".

Ensenada continues to be a haven for "black commandos", with the blessings of Ensenada. One of the most corrupt municipalities in all of Central America. The political area of Ensenada is huge, its runs from Rosarito to G. Negro of Baja Sur. All of the Western drug channels into the United States run through Ensenada.

In the last year, thousands of people have been kidnapped, killed and maimed. Tons of drugs confiscated and thousands of bad-guys bagged and killed. Narco-warfare has broken out throughout north-western Mexico. Ensenada remains a haven for violent drug gangs and corrupt police.

Until Ensenada and the State of Baja California legal structure are clean of violent criminals, going to a baja race for international travellers is to risky. Even the Vildosola racing team is selling its trophy truck and out of racing, because of the threat of crime on their family. Now, phone threats to prominent and visible families are common.

Even the DAKAR organization considered racing in Baja and passed. Passed on Baja Norte and Baja Sur. Mexico is now considered more violent than Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thousands of Mexican families have moved to the United States for protection.

If you go, say a prayer and take precautions. Good Luck.

Photos of recent seizures of black commando arms and rides, mountains of drugs and the thugs with guns in Mexico.