Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baja 1000 2007 Revisited The Fred Helm Story

UPDATE! March 20, 2009

Fred Helm, of San Diego, pictured on the right, said about the picture above going public, "yes, one is director at Pinned (himself) and one is VP at VIO. Both are looking for a beer cart at this point...." He's a director at Pinned. The failed TV show. We still wonder if he's spending any more of the taxpayers time on stroking racers egos. Remember, he's the terror hunter!

Guess that's why he called his team BBR, "Big Belly Racing" for the Beer Gut! Fred Helm is the San Diego Police Detective who spends his spare time giving Best in the Desert racers what they want. Ego footage.

Baja Racing

The Original Story from August of 2008:
Hack Helm Boned in Baja

Fred Helm, newbie videodito of pinned tv, bbr(big belly racing)[affiliated now with sopwith, doing the bitd series] reports in on his baja boning during the Baja 1000.

The self described, "Terrorist Hunter/wanna be film maker", [now widely known as a San Diego Police Department Detective] Helm said, "We were hesitant to tell our story but not anymore... We were hired by Malcolm Smiths "Racing For Life" organization to shoot a tv show highlighting the race and at the same time raising money for the El Oasis Orphanage in VDT. We had written permission from the Mexican Government, Film Permits, Customs Dockets, Insurances, etc...[UNCONFIRMED] At RM 18 Malcolm was to hand the bike off to JN and get a ride back to start. When Malcolm arrived his chase truck was not there so one of my crew members offered to give the legend a ride back in a nondescript dually with no graphics. Just after dropping Malcolm off, the Mexican Military (not police) surrounded the truck with the young (20's) driver. They ordered him to follow the military vehicles which surrounded the truck. They "escorted" him to a military base out of town and detained him for three hours while they took the truck apart. After finding nothing they demanded $200 for their time. The driver turned his shorts pockets inside out to show he had absolutely no money. They threatened him and let him go. At the conclusion of the race, four crew members were driving back to states in the same truck when they were pulled over by a gang of Mexican Cops in TJ. The driver this time is savvy Mexico vet and tries to just "pay the fine" for driving too fast in a particular lane. All four occupants driven to the station where the truck is taken apart again and all the money held by the four guys was stolen, not asked for. All while shooting a TV documentary for one of their orphanages....hard not to be bitter..."

[Editors notes after the fact: Mexican Military units defer action when provided authorized documents. Namely, equipment and labor permits for television in Mexico. Advisory notices from Tourism officials, noting the people holding the documents and their reason for being in-country. The same holds true for legit law enforcement. No, what happened here is that Helm and the people he is affiliated with Badami, Pinned TV, et al, did not have the proper documents for what they were trying to do in Mexico. Otherwise they would not have been "inspected".

The Tijuana cops thing is different. At that time, the Tijuana Mayor gave the police department "wide ranging authorities". Tijuana will never recover from the crimes committed during that long tenure. Gary Newsome]

Baja Racing