Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kurt Leduc's racing gear stolen after big crash!

By: Kyle Leduc-

"Hey this is kyle and last night in front of my house all of dads gear bag was stolen from the back of my truck! We just got back from Crandon where he was in a knarley crash with jonny went to the hospital has bone damage and over two dozen stitches in his leg then i had to tell him today all his crap was stolen. He had is troy lee painted helmet in there all rockstared out and his suit with his name on both! he had a decel device, driving shoes, gloves, and all his helmet goodies. let me know if anybody sees it any where. Call the shop at, 951 378 1625.

He has a suit for Chula but he needs everything else. Let us Know if there is any companies out there willing to help him out with product before we head to chula this weekend. Thanks guys. Some body please help us out with equipment for next weekend, we will give you plenty of visibilty on the race truck! He needs everything. helmet, gloves, shoes, head restraint, tear-offs and what not. We have a suit from one of our guys he could use.

Let us know if anybody can help. Thanks a ton guys.

Baja Racing