Friday, October 31, 2008

Drive Racing sponsored by child porn cover-up perps and gets BLM attention

UPDATED! November 28, 2008


The BLM office in El Centro and the District office of the Colorado desert for the State of California are aware and looking into Drive racing. The chief ranger for the State in the area said, "we don't tolerate illegal races in our parks". The BLM spokesman said about the situation, "we are looking into the matters".

Baja Racing talked directly to the BLM, the State of California and local law enforcement.
Charges and counter-charges made against the sponsors of the attempted series stick. Scurrilous talk of 'pedofiles', threats of physical violence and bizarre favoritism have tainted the sponsors of the underground racing group.

The recent internet bullying conviction in a US Federal Court, shines some light on the systematic 'Terms of Use' violations, BY THE OWNERS THEMSELVES. Crystal clear. Rasch and Guise could be found culpable and forced to severe penalties. Years in a federal prison and forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The people in question here have a long track record promoting hate. Not only breaking their own terms of use policies by allowing and promoting general threats and threats of physical violence. They may be breaking Federal, Civil Rights Law. Baja Racing News INSIDER story on these people has been published and UP, for almost a year. No denials.

Now Baja Racing shows you, the people they really are. Shockingly, they profit from their hate. Any business or person assisting them should be called out. Baja Racing will allow every one of them to comment on this continuing story.

Just a couple of the death threats and solicitations for murder, common from the Guise/Rasch property:

"Does anyone here have some old school Italian mafia contacts that could......"take care of him"?
"forget the italian mafia...the russian one is much nastier.."

Just one of numerous "hate" cases:
'Victim Chuck H'.

In public and widely distributed, Matt Scaroni calls 'Chuck', someone he doesn't even know, a pedofile. Matt Scaroni in public: "Yes, once again, my name is Matt Scaroni, My dad would be proud for calling out a pedafile..."

From 'Chuck' to Scaroni, Guise & Rasch: "Seems a so-called TT driver (Scaroni) can do or say anything, lible and slander is Ok if your TT driver. Should i take Guise & Rasch or Matt Scaroni to court. I was called a pedofile by Matt Scaroni."

From Chuck to the public exposing a private email from Scaroni to Chuck:
"This is what the sick Matt Scaroni sent me via an email, the boy is twisted big time. Quote, ""you sound like your jealous... once again, i am not afraid to (say) who i am, your just some internet stalker who probably jackes off to 13 year old boys on myspace... yep, you better keep your low profile or you will be getting *** raped by bubba for 20 years in the pen..."""

In their own terms of use policies, it states clearly, that users are not allowed to certain speech. Yet, every day of the week, Rasch and Guise promote hate and violence, while overseeing a twisted social network that awards certain selected users to violate their 'stated' terms of use. Baja Racing is watching and documenting the violations. Now that the case law is allowing victims a course of action.

Scaroni, Guise and Rasch covered up for a REAL self-admitted child porn distributor! SEE THE SHOCKING STORY HERE Would you let any of your children around these people?

November 1, 2008

After several widely known statements, Drive racing has failed to produce its rulebook for the racing public. "Drive stated, "
Points System, The complete DRIVE Points System will be up by October 31, 2008", "Rules, The free downloadable rule book will be up by 10-31-08."

October 30, 2008
Drive Racing announces to the public, a solicitation to "Pre-Enter", even before the rules are announced.

From the website:
"The complete DRIVE Points System will be up by October 31, 2008". "Drive off-road racing pre-entry form, please use this form to pre-enter any race during the 2009 season. There is no cost to pre-enter. You are just telling us that you are planning on racing."

Infamous Mariposa racers Drive Racing Announces new series for Plaster City. Mariposa 250 Race 2009

[Calls to DRIVE Racing went unreturned] Baja Racing wants to ask, Why does DRIVE want an FBI probe of the BLM El Centro office? Talk about the "missing maps" from the El Centro offices of the BLM, DRIVE Racing? How many years has the Mariposa race been going on without required permits?

Announced Series

January 17th TROPHYLITE 200
March 21st Rasch D Curtis Mariposa 250
May 16th TBA
July 4th Charity Race
September 19th TBA
December 12th TBA

Races held in Plaster City, CA

Doug Wasser, "Drive Racing was started this year by myself and Jon Schleif (V4DR Founder). We will be running 6 races in 2009. 5 desert off-road races will be for points and 1 charity event." Regarding the Mariposa 250, "I think everyone's limited to 35" of travel and 800 hp max".

Last years Mariposa was the first weekend in February, this years Mariposa race, is scheduled for March 21st, 2009. Here's a video of last years fun Mariposa race.

Mariposa Race comments from the participants:

"It was a great time!!! Thanks for the cervesa's last night. I owe you a few next time I see ya. My partner chris said he may be able to straightn out the in car footage. The in car stuff is so bad ass, I hope we can make the picture straight. Pushing everyone out of the way and then the car blowing up at the end is sssooooo funny!!! also, landrush start was hilarious, and watching everyone come thru the turn by the tracks was great, falling bumpers, broken windshields being kicked in, wrong turns... highly amusing for an hour... cant wait for next year..."

Another, "my friend and i might even race.. another, got a bad start, my 33"s and 5.0 motor couldn't hold against the T-bird and big motor car so I was in the back off the lake bed, but I bagged all 21 cars in 4 miles, most fun I have ever had, made some great passes, never touched one car, only the station wagon volvo hit me when I passed him, but he could not keep up in the rough. Then after some pit racing I did in the wash out I got in clean air, thinking I was either in the lead or RPM and Adam had really checked out, and mile 6 BOOM, my upper radiator hose blew up like a banana peel, done for the day. And to make matters worse I sat on my car and watched everyone passing me sitting on the side of the road, realizing I had passed them all, it was a good minute to minute and a half before we saw the next car. A $9 dollar radiator cap cost me the race, so we replaced the cap and hose that day and went to Beaumont and rallied around the hills. another, if i was 150 feet off course in the flats with fox shocks and 33s with cut fenders etc...".

Another, "I could have "bagged" all 21 cars in 4 miles cars too. Just so were clear i dont have a scratch on my car with pics to prove it. I didnt hit you when you passed me. You may be wondering how i know how far off course you were, if anyone recalls seeing an ultralight flying over the race it was my dad and he so happens to have a pic of ur car waaaaaayyyyy off course. I have never posted on this site before and wouldnt normally give a rats ass but if ur gonna brag about cheating you gotta get called out. another, I did not cut my fenders, the fender wells and the fenders were on the car at the start of the race. The race is open you can do what ever you want with in the rules, and if I am not mistaken wasn't your car the volvo wagon with AWD? So what is the racing line range? 50ft 100ft, 300ft? I guess this year we should request an "in writing" rule book another, its not like dave kept his car under a tarp until the start of the race..."

Another, "Its a group of friends that have done it for a few years and no one else seemed to cry or complain... and its not like he won... if he had then MAYBE u could have protested him another, Well the course was marked so yes there was a designated line. Being off course 150ft in baja is probaly a little more acceptable than 150ft off course at this race. The course was marked to keep all these beaters in the rough, going outside of that kind of defeats the purpose. another, It's an underground race and if this keeps up they will be watching out for us next year...".

Another, "And it's kind of hard to hide 20 plus street cars in the desert... another, And for smashing the rear of some cars in and side swiping em while they are broke down!!! I want a rear start so I can bust up even more cars next year!!!"

Jim Holthus commented, "Adam Pfankuch & Rick St. John are your winners of this years Mariposa race. Out of a 22 car field, only 4 cars finished. It was a sight to see with the Land Rush start for a couple hundred yards down into a 20ft wide Bottle neck with Beating and Bashing & Carnage strewn throughout the desert. "All of which was cleaned up and removed". For all that did not attend, you missed out. It did not disappoint!"

Funny, after this story was issued the audio clip mentioned here was REMOVED
by Jim Holthus. Mr. Holthus, what are you covering up? Are you covering up your own personal involvement in the underground races?[We'll post up our copy later]

Charges and counter-charges made against the sponsors of the attempted series stick. Scurrilous talk of 'pedofiles' and bizarre favoritism have tainted sponsors of the underground racing.


Gary Newsome, Editor

Baja Racing