Monday, October 27, 2008

Hoax Nailed by Baja Racing "Hydrogen Power to compete in 2008 Baja Race"

"Hydrogen Powered Car to compete in 2008 Baja Race"


5:01 PM
H2 Daily Removes Story from the Internet

"We at, As of this point in time, the article has been removed from our archives and no longer appears on our site. We highly value our readers’ opinions and believe that you can help us reach our goals as an online news source. The article has been removed and in an effort to clear up the situation to the public". Editor"

Thank you for responding so quickly to our concern and responsibly addressing the issue at hand. Gary Newsome

Original Baja Racing posted story 1:01 PM.

The Removed Story:
"Hydrogen Powered Car to compete in 2008 Baja Race"
"First reported by H2Daily staff
Wednesday, 29 October 2008
Advanced Technologies and Manufacturing Enterprises announce that it will race a fully functional hydrogen powered car in the 2008 Baja race.

This "sand rail" type racer will use a proprietary method to convert water into hydrogen on demand for the entire race. Water will be the ONLY source used during the race. No gasoline will be used at all. We have been working on this process for over 15 years, we are also currently working on hydrogen technologies that will increase mileage on gasoline based cars (completed), completely power automobiles (completed), and provide unlimited power for ocean going vessels (3 years to complete).

All of our work has been done quietly until now; with our recently completed “on demand” process of electrolysis that is able to produce up to 400 liters of hydrogen per minute. Converting water to hydrogen in this way eliminates the need to store dangerous hydrogen in fuel cells or devise a complicated and costly hydrogen delivery network. All that is needed for our system is water and a base element, both of which are abundantly available.

To prove our system works we will be running the race using water as our only fuel source. At the race completion we will allow tests to validate that water was indeed our only "fuel" source."

Original location of the now removed story.

"Free Press Daily" from "November 19, 2007 -- November 2007" and "H2 Daily" October 29, 2008, were cited as sourced media outlets.

Last year, right before the Baja 1000, another outfit announced a "bio-powered diesel baja racer" was running in the fall event. No such vehicle entered or raced. We are sure, none will enter or race this year.

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing