Friday, October 31, 2008

Roger Norman is recovering with broken ribs, scheduled to race at November Baja 1000

Baja Racer Roger Norman recovering with broken ribs

The participation of Roger Norman in the Baja 1000 in November was put in risk, when the enthusiastic surfer-racer, a week ago, broke some ribs when surfing the beach off southern California.

From Norman Motorsports: "A nice swell hit the California coast and Norman was taking his share of the great waves. Norman pearled his new Core Four 10 foot stand up board and wound up in the washing machine with the heavy board. The board came out fine but Norman struggled to get to shore unable to breathe. He was helped out of the water by a fellow surfer who happened to see the whole thing unfold from shore. Norman said the worst part was being hit so hard he could hear the bones cracking and then not being able to breathe in the heavy surf."

Norman underwent a serious fall when trying to surf some gigantic waves. He was thrown against the bottom and he suffered his injury, injuries that prevented him to breathe well. He was helped out by fellow surfers. He's been advised to get some rest, but, in spite of this mishap, Norman is focused next to Larry Roeseler in winning the Baja 1000. A painful rehab and lots of bumps are anticipated for the next several weeks approaching the race.

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