Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baja 1000 KORE Kroeker Hummer Hall Racing Action

The Baja 1000

Team KORE Set for Baja 1000

With the Baja 1000 today, Team KORE is set for battle. The 2007 Dodge Power Wagon wearing a red white and blue "stars and stripes" wrap is equipped with General Grabber competition tires, Weld bead lock wheels, KORE suspension, AAM axles and Baja Designs lighting systems.

I spoke with KORE's director of race operations John Zambe yesterday about their planned race effort. It sounded to me like Team KORE is well situated to finish first in the grueling 629 mile course. KORE's Dodge Power Wagon is in it's third race season now and everything that has been an issue before has been addressed and fixed. Zambe was confident KORE's Power Wagon would be faster than Team Hummer's H2 SUT and H3 Alpha SUVdriven by veteran desert racers Chad and Josh Hall. "We start between the Hall Hummers in Stock Full, so it should be a good battle right from the start".-John Zambe

Stock Full class consists of full-size production trucks with only minimal to increase safety and in Baja. KORE's effort is focused on finishing faster than any other Stock Full race vehicle.

According to Tony Tellier of Baja Racing KORE is favored 3:1 along with Chad and Josh Hall, and John Griffin. In a class of just 5 entries nothing screams "hardcore" more than a battle comprised of teams that historically make the podium.

The Baja 1000 race course is shorter than normal this year, partially because its a loop, but also because it is located entirely in the region north of San Felipe. This is a good thing for teams because it is much less challenging to support than a point to point race. The course takes competitors up through Baja's beautiful Pine forests and then further north, just miles from the US border near Mexicali. From there it travels south towards San Felipe. Next it goes up to Mikes Sky Ranch and then west towards the Pacific Ocean.

We recommend spectators watch from the area north of Erendira near the Pacific ocean where the vehicles travel over 1/4-mile sections of basket ball size rocks that get whooped out as the race happens. The sight is quite unlike anything else when a powerful race truck hits rock whoops at speed. Watch for flying rocks!

The race eventually returns back to where it started in the heart of Ensenada at the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center.

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