Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CABO 1000 Rip To The Tip Announced for 2009

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico-

Today, it was announced that the CABO 1000 is scheduled for October 16-19, 2009. The CABO 1000 is a pre-run race for the Baja 1000 2009.

The CABO 1000 will follow exactly the same course as the scheduled Baja 1000 for 2009 to La Paz. The CABO 1000 will run the same course from the border of Baja Norte and Baja Sur, about halfway down the longest peninsula in the world. To, the turnoff to La Paz, the destination and finish line for the Baja 1000 2009, racing the following month, November.

But, The CABO 1000 will continue to Cabo San Lucas, the Resort Capital of the World! Known locally as the Baja Sur 1000, teams can register and fans can sign-up, starting today.

Sign Ups and more information is available at CABO