Saturday, November 01, 2008

Desert racing crackheads Baja 1000 coverup! Gangland 1000 2008 in Baja Mexico

The (DRC) has covered up another Baja 1000 racer. Banned and removed, we will report the full story on drc today. Here's what was banned and removed from public view:

GANGLAND 1000 - "Who will win the Baja 1000 this year? And will it be worth it if one of your chase crews has their truck stolen? Or pit crew being shot ? I like how no one whats to hear about how bad it is. Its BAD !! Baja Racing News has the whole story on the guy shot while prerunning a few days ago. I'll bet you wont find anything about it on SCORE's web site. Did everyone forget already what happened to McMillins and chase crew last 1K ? Dont get me wrong here, I love Baja. If you have been there before , then you know what I mean. I have been going down there for the last nine years, but I'm not pushing my luck this time . If you read anything about whats going on in Baja you will know that most of the shootings, kidnappings, vehicles being stolen, murders, drug cartel shootouts have all taken place in northern Baja. So why is this years Baja 1000 mo
stly ran through this dangerous land? I am sticking with the many other teams boycotting this year. I am dreading to read ,in a few days, of what has happened to someone . If you are going, think safely ! So lets have some feedback."" This quote was banned today by the drc. The DRC is not the democratic republic of congo, disability research council or the disaster research center. It's the desert racings crackheads!