Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kent Kroeker goes off on Andy McMillin over Baja


Kent Kroeker, an American vet and Baja racer has gone off on Andy McMillin of McMillin Racing, based in San Diego county. San Diego is right next to Tijuana, Mexico on the USA-Mexico border. Here's the special message Kent sent:

"Yeah, things are just too dangerous right now. Baja is just so different from how it was 25 years ago. I just did 400 pre-run miles on a dirt bike last weekend and had to dodge bullets and banditos the whole time. It was terrible. Andy, you should be ashamed for being such a big, fat friggin' pussie. Right now there are thousands and thousands of kids from your generation, VOLUNTARILY SERVING their country in Afganistan and Iraq and you can't even bear the thought of the Baja 1000. You've never even done anything really dangerous and you cower at the thought of people still going to Mex to race. Now that's laughable."


We'll closely follow and report here, the reaction of Baja racers to the major call-out of McMillin Racing, not racing in Baja Mexico this year. Baja Racing News.com