Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 Baja Racing News Reports

What will happen in 2009 in Baja Racing?

Some say 2009 will be a 'correction' year. But, what kind of a correction? In the business of Baja racing, 2009 will turn out to be a restructuring year. The racing options for teams are down-sizing and sticking closer to home. In the 2009 racing schedules, there are actually more places to race in the states in off-road, than 2008!

Some Baja racing teams have decided to sit out 2009. Whether for money reasons or family reasons, many teams will be back in 2010. The southern Baja racing association is an example of how bad the money situation is. Last week, they had their end of the year banquet and they ran out of food. The racers are shocked and the race organizers are hiding from public view. It's the old saying, when the United States has the flu, Mexico is on deaths doorstep.

The bigger picture in world-wide racing series, gives off-road a clue to 2009. "Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru cars, said yesterday it would pull out of the (WRC) world rally championship citing the global economic crisis. Subaru joins fellow Japanese automaker Suzuki Motor, which announced its exit a day earlier, and leaves no other Japanese automaker left in the race. Carmakers all over the world are under severe pressure to reduce spending as they bleed cash due to a sudden downturn in global car demand. Honda, Japan's No.2 automaker, this month quit (F1) Formula One racing for similar reasons." The NASCAR news is filled with layoffs and major program cuts. MOPAR opted out of desert off-road racing late in 2008. Automakers have been dropping out of racing left and right recently. Audi and Porsche dropped out of the American Le Mans Series. Unfortunately, Roger Penske –who spearheads the Detroit Grand Prix nixed the '08 event, he happens to race Porsche RS Spyder Le Mans cars.

With the loss of his racing team and Detroit’s overall economy, Penske and the Detroit Grand Prix board decided not to host the event in 2009. Penske says “We have the assets to continue on, but there’s no reason at this point to have an event that wouldn’t be first-class.”

Baja Racing is well positioned for growth in 2009. We will not cover stunts or any self serving racing ventures. There are plenty of great desert off-road races to cover and we know, by our exploding numbers, the readers have noticed the traditional races we cover. We'll take Bud Ekins over Evel Kneivel anyday!

Our readers know why they visit, they want an honest sports report about racing in desert off-road races in Baja, Mexico. All the BS puff pieces can be found elsewhere. Baja Racing will report the inside information and racers wild life stories, daily. The haters will continue to complain about us, but read'em and weep gents...We continue to be the #1 Baja Racing internet search result in the world!

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Gary Newsome, Editor
Baja Racing