Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baja 1000 Murders just miss Americans in Mexico

Drug murders shadow Americans during the last SCORE Baja 1000

Unknown to many racers in Mexico, the drug culture of Baja Mexico, stands next to racers during the races. The victims, pimps, drug runners mix and mingle with the "runners of the races". Americans often hire and transact business with the very people driving the drugs into the United States and responsible for the thousands of murders in Baja Mexico.

Here is a race report showing how close the Baja racers are to the death business, in Mexico. Team report: "San Vincente pit was surreal. Dozens of campfires and an ongoing mexican battle of the bands (via car stereos). We were parked between a class 12 chase team and a group of mexican spectators. Lots of laughter and the locals soaked up plenty of suds. A group across the course had their music so loud one of the guys from the class 12 group asked them to turn it down so we could hear the radios. They did, for a couple of hours then it went back up. One of the locals next to us said he knew how to quite them down and pulled an AK 47 from his truck. We told him that wouldn't be necessary and had a good (although somewhat tense) laugh as he put it away.

Most intense time for me was when Mike and I were standing at the finish line. Lance radioed in that he was 10 miles out then the handheld radio died, battery was dead. We didn't know what else Lance was going to say. Of course the thoughts of the car stuck or stopped or broke abounded. No other radios even close that had our frequency. No other handheld in the area with a battery we could borrow. Mike made a call and said tracking showed the 1700 still moving but after listening all night to the tracking delays and errors it was a tense 15 minutes. Then I heard that wot and Lance turned the last corner. Wow, what a relief.

Sadly, according to the Sunday Ensenada newspaper , on Saturday 3 guys at the Yonke (wrecking yard) who had given me Valdez Transmissions name and address were murdered. The pic showed the exact spot I had been standing just a few days earlier."

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