Monday, December 08, 2008

"The whiners should be 7100 & 7SX Champs!" Cameron Heidi Steele responds, "you racers are half-witted whiners!

Cameron Steele lost it today, when someone questioned whether his wife, Heidi Steele, or someone else really won anything during this 2008 limited truck class season.

What? You've never heard of the antics of Cameron Heidi Steele and the Desert Assassins? CLICK HERE!

"Wow, sore loser huh? I always knew the limited truck classes were full of whiners, remember I used to drive these pee shooters back in the day along with other limited classes. Wayne you had the chance to make your boys the champs so I think you really let them down by not managing your equipment or for some reason that you had to stop on the last lap, you had it and YOU failed. You could have crushed this shell of a driver and champion, yeah Heidi Steele, that's what you are saying right that it was a hoax?
Well buddy you got beat by a girl and her team! Heidi drove at EVERY race in SCORE and BITD so what are you talking about? Heidi takes the hard part in the dust many times too, she started at 7 of the ten races and while you were too scared to go to Baja she drove all the tight stuff and Rumarosa Grade all the way to Mile 147. It also isn't like Heidi didn't win a race in the series either, she and Timmy Lawrence won Parker and got the truck in the lead and put time on the guys in the field and beat you. I am proud of her and ashamed of you and your half witted comments. You, Wayne Demonja are quickly making me think I take everyone up on letting Heidi race the TT at BITD and then I will take her little TT and come whip on you like the punk you are sounding like. So cheap that you start crying after the fact, I hope your sponsors are proud of you?"

Mark Landersman responded:
"While finishing is important, driving to a first place finish should be rewarded higher in comparison to just finishing. This would prevent one dnf (did not finish) from keeping the best record from being the points champion as it did in both BITD 7100 and SCORE 7SX." Yep, better records throughout both series turned out to be the "whiners", that Cameron Steele derided. Under the flawed point systems, the Steele records in both series, come out as the "winners". Not to mention..."For only five 7100's a ton of points were given...381 Heidi 1 Win, 380 Aaron 4 Win's, 371 Wayne 0 Win's."

Now they have two teams to go shopping sponsors with!

Sportmanship isn't a part of Steele racing is it?

From Camerons statement, 'he works the system'. These classes are intended as 'sportsman' classes. The Steeles have come into the division for only one reason. Not sport, or simply the joy of family racing. But for $Sponsor Dollars$. The Steeles are known for doing ANYTHING to win.


It was Cameron Steele and the Desert Assassins that ran BFG's at the start of the
Baja 1000 in 2006, when their tire sponsor was and is the POS Yokohamas. They'll do anything. Didn't hurt Yoko, right? Why? Yokohama marketing is run by Heidi's daddy! Guess that hasn't gotten to Yoko corporate.

One of the biggest reasons off-road is not bigger is because of mixing these 'so-called' professionals, people racing only for MONEY and families looking for some good, clean fun.

Heidi Steele and her husband are now questioned about the Baja 500 when the tracking signal on her truck 'disappeared', just after she was sighted driving down the asphalt into Ensenada for her fake Baja 500 win, earlier this year.

The Steele crew aren't worried about such talk. The "half-witted whiners have 'lost'". So did the Steeles, lets find out if the Steeles sponsors are proud of them.

Editors Special Note:

Cameron Steele wants that whole 'Baja Moto racer shot Baja 1000' story to just go away. Not a chance in hell. On Tuesday, December 9, Baja Racing will have an update on the attempted cover-up of the event, including Mr. Steele. Also, did we say thanks to Cammy for calling the Desert Bull with the original story? Thanks Cammy!

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing