Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 Blockbuster Stories on ESPN - Storm has begun! SCam Steele DA Desert Assassins outed!

Baja Racing on ESPN Radio every weekend reported on DRC=Desert Racings Crackheads 'fencing' stolen off-road racing equipment.

CLICK HERE FOR THE DEVELOPING 2009 Baja racing season BLOCKBUSTER of BLOCKBUSTERS! DA Desert Assassins Reva Lawsuit damages prospects for future Baja racing! Are you a racer, team, sponsor anybody involved in desert off-road racing in Mexico? READ THIS SUCKERS! 'SCam Steele and his dress wearing crew claim to be a wild bunch of the new millenium, when in fact they will sue you for just racing in Baja Mexico! Is it the 'wild life' or 'racing' they are after?! No! it's the $$$

After being absent from racing at Laughlin yesterday and finding a driver who can actually drive his truck to a podium finish, Scam said, "Uncle Rico (Clyde Stout) stomped it today and all weekend. I have always said Clyde could drive and drive fast. We really parted ways because he wanted to develop a new truck and I wanted to just race."

No comment from Mr. Steele after this communication was sent: [Mr. Cameron Steele, Baja Racing will run the story about the Fred Reva Family lawsuit. Please answer these questions. Are you aware of the lawsuit? Do you think it's justified that the Reva family sues 'Lucky Sperm Racing'? Gary Newsome, Editor. Baja Racing]

Eric Morley with Blue C Marketing may want to re-think his 2009 Desert Assassins Marketing strategies!
Quoted from celebrating the Laughlin results just last night: "Where and when is the celebration so you can be full steam ahead with the glowing and gushing?"

Here is some sage advise for the DA. "Take Fred's cross and move along".

Baja Racing will follow this story until the cows come home!