Sunday, January 04, 2009

"BLM El Centro office full of clowns!" DRIVE Racing, member says.


The Bureau of Land Management office in El Centro was disparaged this week when, a member of DRIVE Racing commented on the recent Plaster City race, in public. "They keep on making us jump through clown hoops!" The DRIVE Racing self described official went on, "the BLM in California, at the El Centro office is full of clowns. They have "lost" race maps that established race routes in California. They want us to pay for their own theft of the maps through service fees to survey new ones, race routes that have been raced for over ten years."

The member of DRIVE Racing went further, "the fees they are demanding from DRIVE to race is a shakedown, it's extortion, a criminal act of coercion and intimidation to stop the constitutionally guaranteed recreation on our California desert public lands."

When asked by Baja Racing News what does DRIVE want regarding these matters, he said, "the manager of the BLM office in El Centro should be in jail for abuse of discretion". "The BLM allowed the loss of the yuha recreation area desert racing maps, covered up the crime and now wants to extort the desert racing community to allow us to continue racing on OUR public lands".

The BLM office in El Centro was contacted for comments regarding the assertions in this story.

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