Friday, January 02, 2009

BULLETIN! Was Plaster City Race Targeted For Bombings in a Mexican Radio?

Baja Racing EXCLUSIVE!

5 San Diego Teens Arrested Detonating Powerful Bombs at Plaster City!

5 San Diego teens arrested after setting off several pipe bombs at Plaster City, in Imperial County. One of the teens main ingrediants... ammonia nitrate. Info from an inside law enforcement source: THEY HAD FIFTY POUNDS OF AMMONIA NITRATE! For those who aren't fimiliar with the fertilizer, it's the same substance used in the Oklahoma City bombing.

On any given day you can find people out in Plaster City for recreation purposes, but when prerunning started on the race course on Friday, the Imperial County Sheriff's Office arrested 5 teenagers with enough explosives to make nearly 25 pipe bombs.

Out in a remote area off of Evan Hughes Highway at Plaster City, an off highway officer spotted a group of teens up to no good. Imperial County Sheriff's office lead investigator Randy McCoy says the officer "saw 3 subjects running towards the car as he was watching he heard a loud explosion. He looked back and saw that the explosion came from the area they had ran from".

Investigators say when the officer caught up with the teens, he called for back-up after finding several materials inside their cars. "Inside them he could visually see the makings of bomb materials, fuses, and a 50 pound bag of ammonia nitrate." says McCoy.

Raising many concerns, The bomb squad and FBI responded to the scene. After combing the area, investigators found several places where the teens had detonated about 5 bombs including one that had been inside a radio. They say the teens even had a dummy in the trunk they were looking to blow up. So could this be the makings of a terrorist attack? "You just dont blindly say terrorist just because of the amount. The investigation is on going in that aspect." says McCoy.

Investigators say all 5 teens are from the San Diego area. 4 of them minors. The other, 18-year old Eric Calman. Calman is in his first year at U.C. Davis studying chemical engineering. They say all the teens admitted they have been doing this for years. "It is a level of concerns and some flags we have to look into as to why they would have that much and what they were gonna do with it." says McCoy.

18-year old Eric Calman was released on $30,000 bond. While 2 of the 4 minors were released into the custody of their parents on Tuesday, the day before the recent race.