Sunday, January 04, 2009

DRC home of the big ripoff of off-roaders. Baja Racing News Investigates


Desert Racings' Crackheads strikes again!
Claims of off-road parts ripoffs happen everyday. But we found a jewel of a report from the actual worker who identified the parts and pointed out where the stolen parts were sold. No surprise, DRC perps again!

UPDATED! From one of the retailers burned by the 'fence', DRC, who is reportedly selling stolen off-road equipment:

"A copy of an e-mail I got from Sway-A-Way, Chris Ruh, titled "industry thieves". Some of you may have already dealt with or have been burned by these two, but for (any)one who haven't I think everyone should be aware of the kind of people these two are. If they approach you for anything, I would not give them the time of day. These people should be banned from the Off Road industry altogether! They took us for over $6000.00 and gave us every story in the book as to why they couldn't pay their bills. We even sent them to collections and they were un-able to squeeze any funds out of them... Watch out, if given the chance they will rip you off too!"

From the worker: "Which car are you looking for? There were two cars being built. The first for a gentlman named Tony who lives in newbury park CA, the second for a family who was on more of a budget so their car was all DOM and about 5in wider then the original design that i helped with. Tony dropped of a check in the neighborhood of 75k dollars for his car and continued to drop off more money as he upgraded parts, I was under the impression that he had refinanced his house and pulled all the money out so i definatley feel for this guy.

the other car for the family was all MIG welded and jesus christ were those welds horrible, Tonys car was supposed to be 100% TIG welded chromoly and it used TATUM alluminum upper and lower arms and TATUM alluminum uprights and bulkhead, TATUM hubs front and rear and rack, CBM LS1 with a mendi trans. his car also got 8 Sway a way shocks, 3.0 16in bypass shocks 2.5 C/o and i think the front used a 2.5 bypass with a 2.0 coil carrier. THEY SOLD ALL THESE SHOCKS TO (OTHERS) AND STILL OWE SAW OVER 6,000 DOLLARS! so to you guys that bought them you purchased stolen PROPERTY!!! the seats for tonys car were sold on here and DRC they were the PRP race style seats and black CROW harnesses, the BTR wheels that were on the car were sold on DRC because i was the one that mounted them and then had to dismount them again, WAJ.

The second all DOM MIG welded car was a bare chassis when i left. i think they pulled the motor out of tonys and mounted it in the second car to build motor mounts and trans mounts. too my knowlage this was all that was done to this car.

This work was being done by LIGHTNING industries a company that [name withheld at this time/investigative work underway] and a gentlman named chris started together, Chris seemed like a stand up guy and he did not handle funds, He and I designed the first chassis together but when he wanted to start using other companies products like the TATUM arms and bulkhead i just finished the main tube stuff and went on to my other projects. I TIG welded the main tube junctions on the car and was asked to finish weld the entire car but declined. thats when they found somone else to weld both chassis and like i said earlier i would not ride in them after seeing those welds.

I feel bad for your buddy and would like to clear my name that surrounds this shop and work, at the time everything seemed to be going on just fine but it all started to head south and I packed up and left. i dont know what chris is doing as he closed up his flooring business to build cars fulltime and now i dont know what hes doing.
heres some pics of Tonys chassis the first roller done, most if the parts were sold on DRC, the chassis is god knows where."

Desert racings crackheads affiliated with fuzzy thinking? Criminal activities and greed? All day long!

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