Monday, February 09, 2009

Baja California Situation Update! Do Not Travel To Tijuana, Mexico at this time

Baja Safari Mexico Club follows the security situation throughout the Republic of Mexico daily. Just CLICK ON the Baja Safari logo to see the LA Times story outlining why the State Department of the United States will not assure International travelers in Baja California.

Recently, the marketing manager for the organization Mainly Mozart, was accosted while in Tijuana. By the Tijuana Police! No one can trust any law enforcement there and many crime victims have complained that the badges in Baja Mexico are complicit in the criminal activities.

In fact, things are so bad in Baja Mexico now, that tens of thousands of Mexican Nationals have moved to the United States, to get out of the wholesale violence, thefts and official corruption bringing Baja Mexico close to collapse.

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