Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Off-Road racer and pilot Slaughtered Murdered in La Paz, Baja Mexico South!

News From Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"La Paz, Baja California South .- 36 bullet wounds in the body with AK-47 rifle "goat horn", executed well known racer, Verdugo Héctor Manuel Talamantes, alias "El Tobi," 38 years of age, occupation air-pilot with a local air transport company, based in Los Cabos, Mexico. The killing occurred between 10:00 to 10:30 hours on February 10, at the corner of Avenida Santo Domingo and La Paz in the area of Bella Vista in this capital. The body remained at the wheel of the vehicle he was driving a Toyota Tundra, Model 2000, type Pick Up, white, plate movement ZMX 25-92 in the municipality of Los Cabos, which had 40 bullet wounds in their truck.

The vehicle was on the sidewalk across the street from Santo Domingo and was at the point of impact against the wall of the residence located in the corner, where they cornered the victim shot for a block and a half from his house. The victim died at the scene. The state ministerial police looking for five or six thugs, perps, who fled on board two vehicles. One of the Suburban brand, black, model no recent movement of plates 619-PMB-9 and a white pickup truck model recently. Two hours later, elements of the Ministerial Police in coordination with the Municipal Preventive Police, AFI and the Federal Preventive Police found the Suburban in the corner of Isabel the Catholic, and Antonio Navarro of the capital, was apparently stolen in Tijuana , Baja California, and had overlapping plates.

According to the characteristics of the crime and the weapons used to commit homicide, it appears that this is a settling of accounts, however, authorities are investigating this case in total secrecy. The graduate Samgar Salvador Gómez Reyes, Agent of the Ministry of Public Fuero research, specializing in the northern homicide, ordered the lifting of the body for its transfer to the authority of the Attorney General."Verdugo Héctor Manuel Talamantes, alias "El Tobi", was a racer in the local PROBAJA desert, off-road racing series. There have been 38 executions under the current state of baja sur government.

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