Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Matt Karkozian Mr. Durka Durka Media Goon says Desert Assasins & Metal Mulisha will pay

Matt Karkozian, in an interview with Baja Racing today, "Cameron Steele is a guttless wonder, paling around with scum like Trigger Gumm, Deano, Vano and the rest of the DA flatbillers". After getting his nose broken and his 'girls' assaulted, Matt is going off, bigtime.

Baja Racing has the Exclusive Story

UPDATE! March 21, 2008

Female assault victim talks:

"We were at Iguana's (the night of the reported assault), having a good time at the bar. It was late and my friend Nikki and I were bored and tired and were ready to leave so she and I walked over to grab Matt "durka durka" Kartozian. We were met by a group of guys from the Metal Mulisha... Chris Vano of San Clemente, jumps up in front of Nikki and I and starts chest bumping Matt. Out of Vanno's mouth is "do you know who I am?".... Matt responded with "no and I don't care!!" At this point Nikki and I get pushed into chairs and hold us against our will, and are told to "watch this" by Trigger Gumm, and Trigger and 5 of Vanno's friends jump up and back up Vanno. Trigger gets all pushy and puffy, gets into Matt's face and Matt backs up and Trigger starts to throw punches. Matt just throws his hands in the air and was backing off and Trigger pushes Matt in to the corner then punches him again! For no reason! Matt was sitting in the corner enjoying the stripper show before all this went down. WTF????

So at this point Matt has not thrown a punch. Two guys from Metal Mulisha who are co-driving for two rather well known individuals (not present at the time of the incident) have punched Matt a total of 6 times!!!!! And Nikki and I are pushed into seats and told to watch this.

Don't worry about banditos in Mexico, worry about the fags from Metal Mulisha that sucker punch media photogs for no reason."

The Desert Assassins/Metal Mulisha assault story continues...

Pictured: Trigger Gumm and Cameron Steele teaming on the recent San Felipe 250 2009, before the calculated assault on the "Media Goon"

UPDATED! March 21, 2009

From the Metal Muisha BLOG: "Trigger Gumm was co-driving for Clyde Stout in his brand new bad-ass Trophy Truck. Clyde rolled the truck in a huge crash just 20 miles into the race, blowing 3 wheels off the truck! Yes, THAT video! His crew got everything fixed, got them back in the race, and Clyde and Trigger ended up finishing the race with less than a minute to spare."


The Desert Assassins RACING performances at the San Felipe 250 2009. One runs out of transmissions and the other runs out of talent. In a #13 racing truck with Trigger Gumm. YOU ARE REALLY ASKING FOR IT!

2009 TECATE SCORE SAN FELIPE BAJA 250 from RaceDay Films on Vimeo.

The Original Story
"13 March, 2009 5 PM

Baja Racing talks with Matt Karkozian after Assault
Durka Durka photographer assaulted by Desert Assassins co-driver prior to San Felipe 250.

"Matt Karkozian, one of the most talented and affable photo-artists of Off-Road was assaulted last night in Mexico." Joe Martinez, reporting. Matt said he was reporting the assault to the local police, today.

"One of off road racing’s top journalists, Matt Karkozian was assaulted by six thugs from the Desert Assassins, reportedly tied to the Metal Mulisha’s Trigger Gumm and his band of wanna-be thugs that included Vano. One of the confirmed who assaulted Matt, was Trigger Gumm. Reportedly, Gumm and Vano were not to overly impressed by a story that Matt Karkozian had written some time back and they figured that it was time for them to take some action. Matt, reached late this afternoon by Baja Racing reporter Joe Martinez, said, "I am writing the story now, it will get reported".

As Matt and his all-female photographer crew perused the best sites in San Felipe, Trigger, Vano and four others jumped the DurkaDurka photographer pummeling his face multiple times with their fists. Here at contingency, Durka Durka was bruised and battered to the face and forehead after being beat by the six Metal Mulisha thugs.

Matt said, “They’re all flatbillers that weigh about 150 lbs. I’ve played hockey and worked as a bouncer in the bar scene over the past twenty years so being jumped by a bunch of flatbillers isn’t all that bad. After they jumped me I asked them if that’s all they had. I never went down to the ground as they couldn’t get me down.” The question is “when is enough enough?” with the Metal Mulisha/Desert Assassins and their Trigger Gumm characters. Gumm is a disciple of the Desert Assassins/Metal Mulisha and has been involved in a variety of questionable actions over the past few years."
Pictured: Trigger Gumm
After the recent deaths of Desert Assassins, surrounding Cameron Steele, questions have arisen about the conduct of the group of race rejects. Currently, Trigger is sponsored by Mars Nutrition. Formerly, by an underwear company that was shamed to dump the Desert Assassin, after Baja Racing jumped on the Baja 1000 story. More on that later...meanwhile, why does Triggers management refuse to answer any questions about the Gumm? Trigger Gumm is scheduled to drive in the DA #16 Yokohama Tires Trophy, piece of Crap, tomorrow."

Gary Newsome
Baja Racing