Friday, March 20, 2009

Hungarian Baja Off-Road Race backed by FIA Worldwide

There are no obstacles ahead of the 2009 Hungarian Baja; similarly to last year’s event, it is going to be part of the FIA Baja Worldcup. Recently it has been announced that the Central Europe Rally will not be organised again this year, as the organiser cancelled the international race. According to the announcement, due to military trainings on the fields around Veszprém, the race can not be organised during the planned dates in October. Other dates would have a negative impact on other races, which have been running for years, such as the Hungarian Baja.

At the current state, no military training impedes organising the Hungarian Baja race between the 20th and the 23rd of August, therefore, the preparation for the race has already started with full speed.

Those, who are fans of the rally sport, and more precisely of the cross-country rally, should already put the dates in their calendars. This time again, not only the Hungarian racers, but also the growing international field is going to compete for the title on the fields around Veszprém - again including some top-racers of the FIA Baja Worldcup.