Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mark Post, Riviera Racing was promised to race fans of southern Baja California

The Original Story: From Southern Baja reporter, Shaloy.

Mark Post was promised to a recent 'Desert Storm' appearance by Saby Carrillo, partner of Red Duck Racing. When Post wasn't there, the fans revolted and a copy of the promised letter to the Governor of southern Baja, expressly assuring the famous Baja Champion, would appear. The letter said Post would appear, by contract.

When the fans paid their money to get in to the event, Post and Riviera was nowhere to be found for the entire weekend. The southern Baja fans are smart enough to know, the lies of Saby Carrillo caused the problem. Many of the off-road race fans are demanding their money returned. They are also demanding an apology to be posted in the local newspapers.

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