Monday, May 11, 2009

Dirt Sports Magazine Sponsors Mexican 1000 2009, Marty Fiolka Confirms

Mexican 1000 NORRA Rally Story UPDATED CLICK HERE

Original Story: May 11, 2009

This weekend, Marty Fiolka announced, Dirt Sports Magazine has decided to sponsor and support the recommissioned Mexican 1000, scheduled for mid September. SEE THE ORIGINAL EXCLUSIVE STORY HERE ON THE RE-LAUNCH OF NORRA

Marty Fiolka said, "I am a wholehearted supporter, hopeful participant and feature writer (thanks to Dirt Sports of course).

Don't have any idea of the actual entries so far, but I do know that with the rules now opened up for pre-1989 four wheel vehicles (not for newer "A-arm" buggies or Trophy-Trucks, there is alot more interest. I can tell you a couple of entries I have heard of so far (but not confirmed)...

1) Boyd Jaynes/Bill Brindle: 1973 Bronco
2) Marty Fiolka/Jim Ryan: 1962 VW Sedan
3) Ron Johnson: Olds 442 (ex James Garner car)
4) Ron Johnson/Cliff Coleman: Vic Hickey Chevy Truck
5) John Swift: Stroppe Edsel
6) Ray Swift: Hickey Olds Banshee
7) Bill Varnes: 1986 Mirage 1-2/1600 single seater
8) Steve Heckert: One of two Burro buggies he owns.
9) Bruce Meyers: To be determined
10 Eddie Mulder: Bike to be determined

As I said, things are growing now and you can bet that lots more guys will be looking at having fun on a run througth Baja in September....and let's not forget more bike guys too!!"

Marty, the Editor of Dirt Sports Magazine, also said, Sal Fish of SCORE had contacted him, pleading with the magazine, to NOT support the new desert off-road race.

Marty went on, talking about how Sal is getting old at 70 and the magazine doesn't know what the future holds about SCORE racing. There was even a hint of dissatisfaction with SCORE, from Marty and the magazine.

He mentioned, Marty hasn't even broke even from a years ago event he did in association with Sal at SCORE. "I'm still not over with the '40 Years of Glory' event I lost money on". Fans will remember, this was the Long Beach event that will go down in history as one of the worst planned motorsports celebration events, ever.

The moment of the event opening, Fiolka was practicing the stage work as attendees waited hours for the doors to open.

Even with control over all the SCORE sponsors and supporters, it sucked. But, as Baja Racing said after talking with Marty then, he's the only guy who wants and invites the punishments of the most selfish people in motorsports, SCORE racing.

Mr. Fiolka also confirmed he was consulting with NORRA to select vehicle build dates, open for the race, that would not compete with SCORE and would allow SCORE and Dirt Sports Magazine, et al. to continue to scrape advertisers and sponsors, into their pocketbooks.

It's also been reported the much anticipated annual Horsepower Ranch Baja Legacy Party for 2009 is kaput (VW reference).
No Horsepower Ranch event will be held this year. Reminds us of the good ole' days, when the place was named 'Rancho Ensenada'. CLICK HERE FOR THAT STORY Yup, same place.

Yeah, VW Motorsports Chief Nissen said it would be a watershed year...More on this later.

Much like the Trump Baja Fraud that is being played out in courtrooms in the US this year. The contracts were signed in San Diego county from all the stolen deposit-trust monies.

Marty said, "
As the co-producer of the Baja Legacy parties in the past (I worked together with the Wide Open staff), I can tell you that we will not, unfortunately, be able to produce another event this year. Lots of things went into that decision for 2009."
We'll have more about Marty this week on Baja Racing

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