Thursday, June 04, 2009

Baja Racing News Radio LIVE Tonight 6-10 PM Pacific Time


Pistol Pete Sohren wins one tonight. No, not a REAL desert off-road race, but a guy in dress contest, tonight at Mikes Sky Ranch.
Yep, the same (CLICK HERE) racer who's WANTED IN MEXICO!

Wicked Doug of Wicked Gravity Videos said of the scene, ""Fast Eddie was the most Jerry Springer white trash beotch! I saw his nips as he bent over to kiss the camera.. a wardrobe malfunction? Sidekicker was the cutest.... he reminds me of a hot chick I dated in the mid 80s. Nice one, Kicker! Pistol..... yeah, he could be a woman....although the "package bulge" gave it away. Bean.... cute, but not quite as cute as Sidekicker.. although Ms. Bean had bigger boobies than Kick. Cameron.... distinguished...dressed like a cougar out on Wed nite seeking action. To all the other skirts..... keep it up... there is someone out there for everyone....Mike's Sky Ranch a couple of days before the Baja 500, is as good as anywhere to find love, i guess!?""

Fast Eddie of Pistol Pete Racing admits wearing a dress tonight and Steve Poole will start for the team, then Pete Sohren will get in just past Borrego. He then states Pete will kill the field. Yeah, right.

Mike deFord of Bullydog joins in the Desert Assassins dress wearing, drunk fest at Mikes "Guy" Ranch during the Radio LIVE show from Baja, Mexico. And wears a Hot Pink Thong, with Cameron Steele. What's up with Steeles dress wearing thing?

Yokohama-Vic admits driving drunk on the course today and blowing a turn trying to get to the party at Mikes tonight.

Darren Hardesty will play back-up catcher on the #16 this weekend, too many past mistakes.

Cody Stewart
will be in dress tonight, Cameron Steele demads #16 Trophy Truck co-dog in a girls dress at the party

Josh Daniel
rolls the family four seater out on the course in Baja today.

Dan Martin
broke a right rear torsion bar broke! and stranded out on the course, prerunning.

Riviera Racing blew a motor today at RM 146.

Drunk Cam Steele
announces Rob Mac will be in a dress tonight at Mikes
Sky Ranch

Robby with Team Mastercraft said there are some tough competitors in this hunt for Saturday, they want to keep the truck together until they get down to the desert floor. Spoke of their strategy in this Saturdays race, they have no chance whatsoever.

Dress wearing Pete Sohren
reported the last 80 miles will be the toughest.

Drunk Cammy Steele
reported that it hit 112 degrees on Laguna Salada and the Baja 500 on Saturday will
be tough from RM 100 to 212.

Pictured on the right, 'Pistol', brings a whole new meaning with a dress on, Pete Sohren and drunk Cammy Steele.

A report tonight, on San Diego's Larry Roeseler from Bill Center:

""Larry Roeseler has raced in Baja California for 37 years. He holds the record for overall wins in both the Baja 1000 and Baja 500. He has triumphed on two wheels as well as four. Few racers know the Baja better than the 52-year-old Roeseler. And he can't think of off-road racing without Baja California.

“It would be a sad day if there were no Baja 500 or Baja 1000,” Roeseler said this week while preparing for Saturday's 41st running of the SCORE Tecate 500.

“There is no experience quite like Baja races. It can been 110 degrees in the desert and five hours later you're racing in a fog bank along the Pacific Ocean. You've got pine forests and rocks, ruts and silt. “There are great races and courses in Nevada, but nothing throws as much at you as Baja California.” Roeseler will be looking for his 25th overall win in the Baja 500/1000 tandem Saturday while teaming with Roger Norman in a Trophy Truck. Truck owner Norman, who is the stepson of Unlimited Hydroplane legend Bill Muncey, and Roeseler won the overall four-wheel title in the Baja 1000 last November. Nineteen of Roeseler's overall wins came on motorcycles with five coming in buggies and TrophyTrucks.

“Naturally, I have a love for the place,” Roeseler said of Baja California. “I have always enjoyed going to Baja California. I don't feel threatened at all coming down here. “Yes, there are places you don't want to go. But there are places you don't want to go wherever you are. There are a lot of good people in Mexico. I think that fact gets lost in a lot of the news we've seen recently.” Roeseler, who lives in Boulevard, near San Diego, and runs Norman's race shop in El Cajon, acknowledged that Baja California has undergone considerable change since he first raced there in 1972 on a Harley Davidson motorcycle powered by a two-stroke Italian engine.

“It is still changing,” he said. “When I started racing, Baja California was wide open. You could go for almost a hundred miles and not see a soul. There are now many more people along our course. “But there is still a lot of nowhere out there. And it's always a good time, whether it be the racing or the pre-running before the race.” Like Malcolm Vinje once said of racing in Baja California: “Don't let the race get in the way of pre-running.”

The Norman-Roeseler team is off to a slow start this season, but Roeseler believes the Baja 500 will bring “redemption.” “I think we're getting back to where we were before the Baja 1000,” said Roeseler, who also holds the record with 16 class wins in the Baja 500. The Baja 500 will start and finish in Ensenada with the 432.51-mile loop course nearly duplicating last year's track. “We might be following the same path, but it's never the same terrain conditions from one day to the next, much less one year to the next,” said Roeseler.""

Baja Racing News Radio LIVE! Tonight from 6-10 PM Pacific Time
LIVE! from Baja Mexico at Mikes Sky Rancho, guests include Pete Sohren, Cameron Steele and more all on the last pre-run for this Saturdays Baja 500. With a dramatic drop-off in registered racers, threats of narco-criminals against Americans in Mexico and the vaunted Mexican Pig Virus outbreak, these nut-job off-road, desert racers will be in the middle of nowhere, Mikes Sky Ranch talking about their drive out in the dirt of Baja Mexico and their chances of winning Baja glory on Saturday, at the Baja 500.

The 2009 Baja 500 will be LIVE Webcast HERE on Baja Racing starting Friday at 9 AM. RaceDay is Saturday June 6.