Thursday, June 11, 2009

What has SCORE or desert off-road racing in Mexico done to off-road in the United States?

[NOTICE, This report was written just one year-two months before the greatest loss of life EVER at a desert off-road race occurred. Update 5.22.2011]

Loss of Millions of acres of off-road lands, zero access and zero future to the land issues on the table, with a seriously declining public and marketplace. That's what off-road racers and racing in Mexico has brought.

From John Stewart, President of Tierra del Sol, "the off-road racing community, particularly the American races in Mexico and the industry that supports them, is the single biggest reason the off-road community is despised."

"The reason we've lost millions of acres of public lands and the reason Americans will never fully realize their off-road potential...We are a very small interest because of off-road racers and their damages."
What would have happened if we never had Mexico to go to? Maybe we would have taken hold of our responsibilities and our 'land future' more seriously. Maybe we would have made all the meetings, sent the money to the lawyers and politicians. Maybe we would have made a real difference?

[UPDATE, Then the California 200 Sanctioned Slaughter happened in August of 2010 CLICKY]

Name one thing desert off-road racing has done for Off-Road recreation lately to IMPROVE the situation, just one contribution to the Off-Road community or the future of Off-Roading in the United States? We dare you!

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