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Monday, July 13, 2009

Pat Dailey, Desert Off Road Racing Bitch!

Pat Dailey, a bloated overexposed nobody, has such a thin skin, we'd thought its time to make fun of him! Especially after numerous emails to us lampooning the goof!

After just one public comment funning on Pat Dailey Motorsports, Pat "El Douche", goes online as sez: "Just sucks to look at my phone while I am on vacation and see a bunch of texts saying my "friend" Dub is talking s*** about me on a public forum."

Anonymous Readers Comments

Thats nothing Pat, here's what people have been saying for years:

"What a loser, first his failed business implodes, then he expands his failed motorsports effort. FAIL!"

"Met this douchebag at Primm, could not believe what a blown ego monster this shitbag is, seriously, if you sponsor this shithead, BullyDogShitter, you must HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE DOING! and in that case boycott bullydog, it must be shit if they back DGAF Pat Dailey"

2010 Developments:

Desert Racings Crackheads support Pat Dailey. Check out this gay development they posted themselves! Guess whose voice is on the tape, giggling & cackling like a bitch? Patrick Dailey.

Another Anonymous Reader Reports:
"Roger Norman Motorsports supports the Desert Racing Crackheads! What Meds is Roger on Anyway!?! So that's why Nugent got hit at the Baja 500 2010! " 



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