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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Robby Gordon Blasts SCORE! Marty Fiolka proves he's witless! Baja company heads to the USA! Blue C will help Advanstar? Baja 300 Powerdays Stunt Fail

August 6 , 2009 UPDATED

SCORE FINALLY UPDATES Season Championship Points
Listed as published on August 27, 2009 [In reality August 6]

ESPN's X-Games, the NEW "A.D.D. 'Attention Deficit Disorder' Olympics"!

Robby Gordon Continues to Blast SCORE!

Last week, Off-road racer Robby Gordon blasted SCORE, "They (SCORE) took away our Baja 500 Win!". With Rick Johnson and General Tires claiming he 'won' the last Baja 500 and Goodyear Tires Jack Cummings saying they 'won' the 2009 Baja 500, the ACTUAL winning teams of the Baja 500 from June 2009 are pressing their claims with SCORE. Some teams don't even know the results of the race, months after the finish of the race.


Robby Gordon, in the recent interview, pressed SCORE, that they have damaged Gordon Motorsports and the sport in general. Just a tip to Cummings and Johnson, you were 'given' points. You didn't WIN anything.

TODAY Baja Racing has received hundreds of confirmations backing up Robby Gordon Motorsports on this story, some of the race results from the June race are still not released yet! Ongoing Story, will report...

Marty Fiolka proves he's witless!

In a recent interview, Dirt Sports Magazine Editor, Marty Fiolka commented on the San Felipe race cheating charges, before the Baja 500 SCORE scandal, "I Don't Care!". He was questioned by Baja Racing about his take on the threat to Baja racing. The lack of rules and the lack of transparency by the race organizers.

Marty never answers the hard questions, but, when he emotionally responded to the obvious shame that desert racers have known for years, about racing SCORE in Mexico and the San Felipe Baja 250 assertions, he didn't hold back.

He answered honestly. That he didn't care about the racers, didn't care about charges of cheating and still doesn't care about real racing, unless it pays him DOLLARS. BIG DOLLARS. LIKE BUY ME A HOUSE DOLLARS.

Baja Racing knows Marty only cares about one thing, the money in his pocket. At CORR events, he ran around like a chicken with his head cut off, like a rat feeding frenzy, getting people to commit to money deals.

If you have a worthless stunt you want promoted to a couple hundred people, call Marty! VW's "Baja stunt", had Marty as a consultant, as well as many other FAILED off-road ventures.

As editor of Dirt Sports magazine, he has no shred of shame admitting the only thing that matters are the frogskins in his pocket. He's still complaining he "didn't make any money" on his 'Dust To Glory or SCORE Long Beach 40th Party deals'. Well, maybe if he hadn't slept with SCORE for so long he'd know what the F was going on in the real world.

Real Racing? He doesn't give a mierda. EVEN MORE LOADING>>>

Baja company bails, heads to the USA!

The situation is so bad in Mexico that even the hardest sucking outfit is heading to the states to try to get some money.

A Baja California Mexico, based tour company is bailing on Baja Mexico and running it's business into the United States, in the "Best in the Desert" racing series, starting in the new Vegas to Reno race. "Baja mexico crime is killing our business".

Baja 300 Powerdays in Germany Stunt Fail

The only success this piece of crap could bring, is to keep SCORE and the dog (BJ Baldwin and flat General Tires) and ponies (the other loser racers) show, out of the country long enough to get some real desert racing accomplished.

What an immense crapload of stunt shit this crapper was, now they've announced more Germany Baja 300 dung heaps. Here's a clue guys, save your money, race in Mexico. Unless of course the racers are getting PAID. Yes, we said it. How much money did the dog & pony show get for going to Beerlandia?

SCORE is desperate and needs to get its franchises someplace else other than Mexico, like into Europe. Get ready Sal, FIA has a target on your back. EVEN MORE LOADING>>>




"Mexican kidnappers settled for much less than they originally demanded in setting a young Dane free last month

A 25-year-old Aalborg man was held hostage for at least two days in July by kidnappers in Mexico, reports Ekstra Bladet newspaper.

The Foreign Ministry confirmed that the man, who was on holiday with his girlfriend, was held in exchange for the kidnappers’ demand of 1 million dollars, although the eventual sum paid for his release was around 15,000 kroner.

According to the man, the kidnappers also tried to force him to reveal where his girlfriend was but he refused despite his life being threatened.

Mexican authorities say that the country averages 97 kidnappings a month."


Baja Racing

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