Saturday, August 29, 2009

Andy McMillin admits intentionally roosting LVDC pit crew at Vegas To Reno

By: Gabriel Garcia, Ensenada

Andy McMillin pictured after broken leg playing basketball.

Andy McMillin intentionally 'roosted' the event leading LVDC racing teams pit crew on day 2, during the recent, Vegas To Reno desert, off-road race, which he eventually won, overall.

He threw dirt and rocks with his 800 horsepower racing truck at the LVDC crew at pit number 3. Here's what Andy said, "I was frustrated not being able to get around TJ's car with Kevin Colan driving for awhile before coming into that pit, and I let the frustration get to me. I know I put people in danger and it was a dumb, bonehead, immature thing to do. (My co-driver even called me a dumb idiot as we left that pit) I guess I just can't explain being in the heat of a moment like that during the race, and I would really take it back if I could! It was dumb!"

McMillin team driver of record, Andy McMillin, has been accused of immaturity and in an attempt to counter the charges, he now lists his name on the driver of record paperwork in the races he enters as, "Andrew" McMillin.

His admission that he "let the frustration get to (him)me", occurred at a time in the race, when he was eating lots of dust from the leading LVDC unlimited buggy. Andy wasn't following just anybody. The LVDC team, with TJ, Danny Anderson, Kevin Colan and Pat Dean, is considered one of the fastest desert, off-road racing teams in the west.

The McMillin's haven't raced in Baja Mexico in years. They have bought into new Geiser trucks, Andy's truck has two engines. One, a sprint race motor and the second, a "race motor", used in more challenging terrain races.

As the McMillins have not raced in Baja in years, the Mark Post, Riviera Trophy Truck #3, the Roger Norman Trophy Truck and the Robby Gordon Motorsports Team have basked in the glow of Baja desert, off-road racing victories.

Race reports from the Vegas To Reno indicate the McMillin teams performance on Day 2 of the Vegas To Reno, was dampened by several tire failures. McMillin runs BF Goodrich as the McMillin team tire sponsor. At the time of Andy's blowout, he was running behind LVDC, eating lots of Nevada dust, as a result of tire failures during the race.

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