Friday, September 04, 2009

Roger Normans lucky charm out for Baja 1000. Labor Day Weekend USA Let It Rip People! Racers roundup for rest of 2009 desert racing season.

Baja Racing's Racers Roundup

Chad Ragland
and Pat Dailey got together
this week to talk about the desert racing season for this 2009 final set of races.

They said that Larry Roeseler is out at Roger Normans Baja 1000
effort. What Happened?

Larry was injured recently at the San Diego east county moto event called the "Oaktown Gran Prix". On August 30 at Live Oak Springs, "Mr. Baja", as he recently has called himself, was racing when the injury occurred.

One witness at the east county San Diego racing event said, "Larry tweeked his back". Thanks Seve.

He reportedly has a compression fracture in his back, Larry hurt himself during one of the heats and everyone at the event noticed the seriousness of the injury. Larry Roeseler, Craig Smith, Ron Wilson, Joe Hauler, and a huge crowd of District 38 regulars, raced.

Chad Ragland
underlined that his T Force Motorsports has its doors closed for the 2009 Baja 1000. Ragland continued he was looking to put a
deal together for the upcoming desert season classic and that all the rest of the former T Force team members are doing the same. His other team members have no deals and no plans for the rest of the season.

Ragland and Dailey pointed out that the reason why Pete Sohren doesn't
finish well at the Baja desert racing events, was, "maybe he doesn't have a good prep plan". Not mentioning that Pete is always chiming in, that he doesn't prep well because, "I don't have enough money to prep".

The dynamic duo went further and commented on this seasons hapless BJ Baldwin. They said, "he (BJ) has some demons with his mechanicals
". Not doing well this year at the Mint, the Baja 500 and the recent Vegas To Reno, BJ's results speak for themselves.

Numerous flat General Tires during his races this year and losing transmissions in the middle of 1,000 mile races, have proven to hurt the Las Vegas based, Baldwin Motorsports launch efforts with the tire company.

More Baja 1000 News

Mark Post and the Riviera Team will not be running in the Baja 1000. Timeshare sales are down after the collapse in the 'spare money travel market', earlier this year.

Mark McMillin will be running in the Primm warm-up. A clue, that Andy and his dad Scott, may be running in this years Baja 1000. Sizzlin' steak must be eaten! With the fewest racers in the Baja 1000 in 20 years, it'll be a turkey shoot in this years Baja Mil.

Rob Mac announced he is driving in the Robbie Pierce stable in the #20 Trophy Truck for the 2009 Baja 1000. Robbie switched numbers to the #30 Trophy Truck for the annual classic.

Entries are way down for the Primm race, the warm up to the old bitch of Baja racing, the Baja 1000. Lots of changes are on tap for the November race. Mexico is taking it in the shorts, with Mexican airline skyjackings, carjackings and the rest.

Pete Sohren commented
his new engine is awesome, "it never missed a beat and ran 125.8 Miles per hour, at the fastest and Pete will have a new aero package for the Baja 1000 to get a bit more on the top".

Summer 2009 has not been kind

Several sources tell Baja Racing that Robby Gordon was not seriously hurt testing the H3 recently. The same can't be said of the H3. Totalled. What happened to RGs Hummer and if he was really testing in Parker? Sounds like it was a "Monster" wreck.

One of the guys announcing the race at Crandon, stated that Robby Gordon, "while testing his Hummer in Arizona had a Blowover".

We were told Robby was testing the H3 this week. Several sources saw the Trophy Truck being towed through Victorville towards Barstow on the I-15 on Tuesday morning. They were out for testing. Here's a pic with Robby having a wicked black eye, from the H3 crash.

Second photo is of Gordon at Crandon, performing just another, off-road wheelie!

Gordon is really F'd up right now. His neck is jacked and the pinched nerves leaves him with no feeling in his right arm. He was doing 115 when the Hummer blew over. He was backwards when he was cutting a turn and hit the inside berm. It landed on the Passenger rear and then tumbled 6 times.

He has a slow week now and he plans to rest... But this last week was murder... Crandon, Cup, Prelude and Primm. Now to prep for the Baja 1000.

Belly Laugh of the Weekend: In the Primm pits this last weekend, Robby was quoted by Baja Racing News Insider "The Fly", as calling everyone at DRC (Desert Racings Crackheads), a crack head!

Going into the Baja 1000 here are the top three to watch,
Robby Gordon with 284 points, Ed Stout with 241 points and Roger Norman with 219 points.
The Baja 1000 is in November, we'll keep you updated, here on Baja Racing