Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baja 1000 2009 Pre-Running begins in Baja California Mexico, October 30-November 1

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Baja 1000 2009 Planning, Pre-Running & Racing Preparation Begins and Continues Full Tilt

The race isn't for another couple of weeks, but, the racers, teams and fans are preparing for the Baja 1000 now. Many teams are in Baja Mexico today, pre-running the race course, preparing for the onslaught later in the middle of November, in Mexico.

Race vehicle, trucks, cars, buggies, prep in full swing.

Baja Racing will carry the Baja 1000 2009 LIVE! starting on November 18, 2009.

Over the past several days, high winds from the north caused havoc in the desert areas south of Mexicali into San Felipe over the race course. Here are some pics of the damage on the La Rumorosa grade, between Tijuana and Mexicali, on the desert floor, near El Oasis.

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