Saturday, December 19, 2009

WELCOME! NBC-TV Baja 1000 Viewers!

You've Found the #1 Source for Baja Racing News! Desert Off-Road Racing News and Events in Baja Mexico!

Here is the ONLY PLACE you'll get the REAL INSIDE STORIES! Like McMillin Racing, the winners of this years Baja 1000 - had ARMED GUARDS watching them in Mexico for this race!

OR, that an American was killed by a stray bullet of an AK-47 just days ago! or that during this years San Felipe race, a fan, during the race an American race car RIPPED HIS LEG OFF - He DIED!

OR, that only up until this race, Baja Racing had a tradition of cutting courses, sneak tricks on competitors and SHORT CUTS, like on the TV SHOW!~

STAY TUNED TODAY, at 1 PM PST, we'll be LIVE! on Mexican Radio for the Official Race Pull for positions for the first race of the Baja Racing Season of 2010, the INFAMOUS DASH 200 on Thursday, December 31, which we'll also be LIVE ! ONLY HERE on Baja Racing!