Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baja California Mexico Taxing, Regulating and Controlling Private Security

When Hiring Private Security in Baja Mexico, Check On Legalities

By Jose Luis Ordonaz

Baja California is spearheading oversight of private security companies in Baja California, Mexico, this is due to the coordination between employers and the state government.

Oversight of Private Security Services, whose main functions are to authorize, record, regulate, inspect and prosecute private security services.

Private Security Services guides and advises anyone interested in obtaining the proper authorization to legally provide private security service in Baja California, Mexico.

In turn, the purpose of the authorization is to ensure that these companies provide a services that are responsible, professional and reliable.

In Baja California there are Private Security Services, in Baja California there are currently 153 companies registered to provide such service and which have in total with 218 items operating in the state.

Garcia Ordaz also said that because of the importance the State Government has given this line of business, as well as business collaboration and creation of local and state associations, the state of Baja California has become a spearhead in Mexico for private security.

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