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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baja Off-Road Races will be followed by Isreali-Mexican Surveil Drones 2010



ENSENADA BC January 16, 2010 (AFN) .- During the past two months, an aircraft over-flying the clear skies at night, has drawn attention since it was not identified as owned by any commercial airline and was not known, until now, it is officially with the state of Baja California authorities.

Border News Agency of Tijuana (AFN), was finally able to capture pictures of the aircraft, in full flight when "lifted" in the air, to make aerial surveys, on Thursday afternoon.

It is driven by a propeller and engine side reads: "Mexican Air Force".

Those who state that they have seen the aircraft, about three feet long, a distance of at least ten meters from the tip of one wing to another and it has no windows.

When observed flying in the vicinity of the Military Air Base No. 3, at Ensenada, Baja California Mexico. The loud noise it generates when making journeys at night, is what caught the attention, during clear nights, which was reported to AFN.

It is dark gray and is equipped with lights, both at each end of the wing and the tip, where it exhibits a beacon that emits a strong white light. Reportedly, this is located at a warehouse, in Ensenada, of Israeli origin, equipped with powerful technology and today, is being used to detect drug crops and other drug hazards, in Baja California, Mexico.