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Monday, January 25, 2010

Desert Racing Crackheads Pat Dailey and Austin Farner in Boy Play

Pat Dailey and Austin Farner Show Off Their Crackhead Credentials

Early this weekend, desert racing crackheads (DRC) Pat Dailey and Austin Farner, drunk and in the middle of the night, broke the leg of one of their crack-head buddies in a boy on boy play fight while heading to a fake race. While pulling the victims hair and biting him, Farner was down and pinned in WWE style, Pat Dailey cackled like an immature school girl, while video taping and then placing on the net.

For the entire racing community to see why their desert off-road racing, is such a joke. Their sponsors will be contacted for comments today.

Pat Dailey and Austin Farner must be proud of their antics to put this clip on the net, exposing the desert off-road racing community to the real kooks of 'la familia' of off-road racing in Baja and southern California.

Assassin Dailey's voice is overheard 'announcing' the idiocy. Farner is a DRC non-talent, booted out of desert racing.

No wonder why Farner has been kicked out of real racing, even with the scummiest score racing organization. Dailey, hooked up with the Desert Asses (assassins) shows again why the entire Metal Mulisha, Assasins group of crackheads, what the off-road racing group of racing true colors are. Pink.

Pulling hair, biting and the general non-sense produced by these former racers and now current crackheads, why the sponsors and supporters of score, Cameron Steele and the rest of the crackheads have for years, dragged desert off-road racing into the gutter of sports.

CLICK HERE for the Exclusive Behind The Scenes Story of the BIGGEST Embarrasment of the Sport

Desert racing Joke Heidi Steele member of Desert Assassins CLICK HERE

This is why serious sponsors can't take Off-Road racing seriously!

Who is the DRC? Child Porn Cover-up Perps, no business licenses and supported by SCORE and the Slimey racing industry


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