Sunday, January 10, 2010

SUNDAY SPECIAL! Norman will run WILD WEST 500 and Mexican 1000


LIVE ! Reports From Ensenada Mexico

By: Gabriel Garcia
Ensenada, B.C.

Roger Norman confirmed, he will run the WILD WEST 500 and all the Score races.

Confirmed via email by Roger Norman himself, he'll be running the La Paz based WILD WEST 500 and all the serial Score International this year, but that will join forces with his friend Roger Malcolmbs aboard the first Trophy-Truck Racing Enduro's former team.

Norman used the racer of the Off-Road multichampion in the Laughlin Desert Challenge, the San Felipe and the Terrible's Primm 300, while his Ford F-150 will be the number 8 comes on the scene in the Baja 1000 and 500, this is with the hand of Larry Roeseler, who has not left the team, despite rumors that mentioned that.

The 2010 calendar Norman Motorsports team will be very heavy, with dates of Score, Best In The Desert, WILD WEST 500 and Mexican 1000, CODE and Record. So us Mexicans we'll have to get used to seeing this American team here on our soil, despite what we we want.

While Norman said his initial plans were to run only in the 1000 and 500 events, Roger decided to accept the help now if Malcolmbs is to try to win his first title of Score in the Trophy Truck class, which he was denied with two runner-up positions in a row in 2008 and 2009.

Armin Schwarz still does not think to jump to Trophy Trucks

Although still unable to get his first title of Class 1 in the Baja Racing Series, German Baja racer Armin Schwarz, is placed by many fans and connoisseurs of Off-Road in the near future to be in a trophy truck, but to the surprise of many the pilot has refused to even think about it.

This question was made during the review of the latest mechanical inspections at the Baja 1000. Considering his history as a former pilot of World Rally Championship,he responded in the negative, assuring me that it would be interesting if, but his project is first to be the King Of Baja in the Class 1 division first, then analyze and change category.

Schwarz has quickly earned the affection of the Mexican fans and triumphs has shown that the elite of the Off-Road, but to go step by step, and after dreaming of someday driving a "monster of the desert" .

Yees are two types of care

They are brothers and are two of the best drivers in Mexico has taken Off-Road, it is Lobsam and Eli Yee, who has participated in various categories, your peleándole Americans and anyone who puts in front of them.

The spoiled children of Tijuana have won at least once every Score dates that are made today and are back in Class 1 for this season, which would not be unusual to see them in the first sites of the Baja racing pits which has not always been recognized in this area, Angel Barajas.

Barajas has formed near the Yees an alliance of luxury and success of the latter are largely due to the talent and vision of Angel, which must be taken into account very seriously and to demonstrate once again that there is Mexican talent to excel in the big classes of Off-Road, as the Trophys and Class 1.

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