Monday, February 01, 2010

BMW X6 Reviews Baja Racing

Baja Racing BMW X6 Reviews

A coupe, with high driving position and off-road capabilities…? The BMW X6 always looked like a ridiculous car to me, and I’m happy to have Jeremy Clarkson confirm this for me. The SAV (or Sports Activity Vehicle) has plenty of BMW class and technology, with two petrol and two diesel engine options, and the buttons in the interior to boot. But apart from that, this is an unimpressive effort from BMW, where they’ve tried to do too much in one vehicle.

For example, what is the point of a coupe and a jeep all in one if the back passengers wanting to enjoy the off-road experience can’t fit in properly because of the sloping roof line…? What’s more, trying to drive the X6 is very complicated once you’ve figured out what the computer display system is actually saying, the direction in which the gear change is supposed to work and which steering wheel paddle you use to shift up or down (apparently you can do both with both…). In Clarkson’s words: “What was the boss of BMW doing when all the clowns in the laptop department were coming up with this rubbish?” See it all in the video.

Perhaps in response to Jeremy Clarkson rubbishing the BMW X6, in particular its ability as an off-road vehicle, BMW has produced two videos on the snow driving capabilities of both the X5 and X6. The “M” versions of the cars are driven through the Passo Valparola in Italy’s Dolomites mountain range, in a kind of off-road instruction video.

You can see the BMW X6M and X5M drifting and then in hillside driving (in the second video after the jump). In fact, it’s actually high-speed driving up a ski slope. If you’re a BMW driver and fan, you’ll probably be convinced, and I think the videos are useful for anyone who intends to actually use their SUV as an off-road vehicle. I very much doubt that Jeremy Clarkson would be very convinced, at all…

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