Monday, February 15, 2010


The 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers was one for the history books, and will certainly be tough to beat. I talked to an industry leader about this, and they were optimistic, but did say "what goes up, MUST come down". So the question is, has KOH hit its pinnacle, or the million dollar question, are they just getting warmed up? I'm sure Jeff and Dave would say the latter...

When following the KOH LIVE RACE WEBCAST, there really wasn't much mention of Loren Healy possibly becoming The King. That's because he wasn't even qualified for King Of The Hammers, he had to race his way in on day 2 of the LCQ in the mud. As Loren left the line, Nolen the "Rock Midget" told us, "Dude, that guy is fast, it wouldn't surprise me to see him win the big race. He is a REALLY good driver." We nodded, but didn't take it into heavy consideration as I just didn't know enough about the 667 Rocker from Farmington, New Mexico.

Well to our surprise, Mr. Loren Healy now has $15,000 more in his bank account, and is the 2010 Griffin KING of the Hammers. He beat Mr. Win-Everything Brad Lovell by a mere 28 seconds after 135 grueling miles which made for a dramatic finish at the finish line while they computed the times. EXCLUSIVE