Saturday, March 20, 2010

El Centro's Cody Robinson Bangs San Felipe 250 Desert Off-Road Race

SAN FELIPE — El Centro’s Cody Robinson has an exciting story to tell from the SCORE International Off-Road Series’ 24th annual San Felipe 250 here this past weekend. The class 1/2-1600 racer won his class race, finishing 30th overall, to move in the lead in the class points championship and did it in dramatic fashion. Teamed with Mexicali’s Roberto Romo, the team faced four flat tires, a torn alternator belt, no power steering and no second gear. “It would have been a lot nicer if we didn’t have any problems,” Robinson said. “We pulled through and overcame everything and still got the win.” Romo drove the first 80 miles of the race. He had to change the torn alternator belt at about the 40th mile of the race. Then drove for about 20 miles on a flat tire before replacing it at a pit stop. When Robinson took over at mile-marker 80, the duo was in seventh place in the class. At mile-marker 100, Robinson lost second gear.

At about the 160th mile maker, he lost the power steering belt and drove for about 40 miles without it before changing it at a pit stop — not to mention three flat tires during his stint behind the wheel.
“I honestly didn’t think I was going to win,” Robinson said. “I had pits everywhere and they all helped a lot.” Nonetheless, the team stayed the course and won their class by about 8 minutes.

Also at the race, Germany’s Armin Schwarz and Denmark’s Martin Christensen captured the overall and unlimited class 1 victory.
The race featured 257 racers.

The next Baja Racing LIVE ! Webcast race will
be the King of the Desert 250 in April.

Courtesy Imperial Valley Press