Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jesse James Nazi Pedophile Site Poster EXPOSED!

Former Desert Race Faker Jesse James EXPOSED!

His Avatar at the Crackhead Message Board? Nazi General Rommel. The guy who American General Patton, Destroyed.

His profile page, at left.

While all the news services try to find any scrap of bad sheet on Jesse, the Crackhead Pedophiles at the Website-Message Board everyone knows him as TT54, or Trophy Truck 54, also know his avatar as the vanquished nazi general.

The photo on the right is of Jesse James posted photos of his right pointing finger and just one of his weapons on display for the public to see.

The website these originated from, is a well known pedophile hangout on the internet. One of the posters on the site recently was sent to federal prison for eight years, for distributing child pornography!

Pedophiles, child porn and threats of physical violence are well known at the source of these images. So, why is Jesse James even there? Including his use of Dead Nazi General Rommel as his avatar?

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