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Animal House Explodes BAJA 500 2010 Trophy Truck & Class 1 racers wear dresses

UPDATED June 14, 2010

Pictures surface of how Slime Tire Sealant and Lucas Oil Products uses its promotional dollars to promote and test their products in Mexico in the SCORE Desert Racing Series:

Mike DeFord of Bully Dog Technologies was also 'testing' and using promotional dollars in Mexico. He said about the events that night:

"I went to the Baja 500 and all I got was kissed by fast Eddie!
Great night, a lot of fun but the smell of male sack made it tough to get through, I had to excuse myself at one point because the smell was so strong.
I too was ambushed by Eddie, felt sort of like rape."

How much do you want to bet, those are dollars Bully Dog, Lucas Oil and Slime Tire Sealant writes off its taxes, at the end of the year?

Baja racing Mid-Year point standings EDITORIAL
McMillin Racing wins overall at BAJA 500 2010

Scott and Andy McMillin won the overall at this years BAJA 500. On his facebook page, Andy McMillin called he was destined to win the race. Cool.

Now the question is, considering how all the rest of the Trophy truck and Class 1 drivers are wearing dresses this year in the racing results, as shown in this article, why isn't McMillin Racing winning EVERY race?

Clearly, the answer isn't the competition.

Yes, Jesse Jones led most of the race until his transmission crapped out just miles short of the finish line. Robby Gordon ran fast until their transmission gave out and it needed to be changed out at Borrego. Roger Normans stop to tend to the ran over moto-victim took him out of the race to win this five-hundred miler.

Race fans need a notebook to keep up with the equipment failures this year. Obviously, the fakey teams are spending their sponsor write-off dollars on booze and the new dress styles, rather than on real race stuff, like transmissions!

This Baja racing season has a small handful, maybe eight teams, that have the stuff to a race. With McMillin Racing calling races, who's going to step up to Baja Glory for the Baja 1000? Primm now is just a tune-up for the Baja races.

The race tracking and course issues continue, but not in public. Ever since Grandpa Sal told the racers to 'shut their big yappers', the racers aren't voicing the ongoing cost rip-offs, major race tracking problems and the satellite equipment failures.

Numerous teams have contacted Baja Racing documenting the cost over-runs, continuing equipment failures and the questions about the truth behind the Baja race results. Who really is winning these events?

All the dress wearing racers are keeping their mouths shut (in public) about the race tracking problems, accident results and glaring course marking jokes. Why? Because all the monied dress wearing Baja racing teams care about only one thing...winning.

And if a team voices their opinions, THEY GET BLACKLISTED and everybody knows it!

And, McMillin keeps handing them their lunch, at each and every race. They even call races before the green flag drops. Considering the money these teams are dropping on these events, how much is dress wearing worth? Can it be just for the tax write-off or do these teams like getting spanked at every race? We'll see!

Gary Newsome

ANIMAL HOUSE - Trophy Truck & Class 1 SCORE Racers
BAJA 500 Goings On and Odds On Favorites


May 14, 2010


Our Baja Racing Reporters Dig Up More SMACK!

Both Andy McMillin and BJ Baldwin, among others... have announced on their Facebook pages...yea, I know, hehehe, that each are going to win the BAJA 500 in June. It is 2010 and the young people of desert off-road racing put more time into their facebook, twitter and other eShit wastes of time, than their off-road programs.

Cameron Steele of the "Dress Assassins", has been planning his dress wearing for months. He does this every year. He's in every one of the dress-fest pictiures that show up on the internet and his sponsors support the craze. Baja Racing has learned this years dress of Cameron, has his sponsor logos, KMC, Lucas Oil and others are emblazened all over the feminine decorations. His purse choice of the year was selected by Fox Shocks.

Many in this generation hardly know what the capital of Baja California is.

If you ask many, they'll say its Paris, or Iguanas or even Lord Blacks! To the uninitiated, thats a list of Baja strip clubs the racers frequent when they should be getting some shut-eye during race season!

As these guys mouth off, we'll report the indiscretions here at Baja Racing, because its some of the most entertaining Baja racer material of the entire year. Summer is nearly here and the Baja racing community is feeling its oats, even though only forty Trophy Trucks are racing and many teams are hobbled by the lack of any racing economy, few sponsors.

And the ones that do have sponsors are some of the worst ambassadors to the sport we have. Proof? In just a couple of weeks, many of these ego maniacs will be drunk, with dresses on, (we'll show you the pics from last year and this years "cross-dress-fest" at Mike's Sky Rancho) in a historic getaway spot in the wilds of Baja.

Pistol Pete Sohren has said he leaves his dress at Mike's after the party, "for good reason". Pete knows, 'drunk, DNF'd and sticky is no way to go through life'. The only event Sohren actually finishes each racing year is the picture taking midway through the night, of all the racers, drunk and in dresses. They're all so hammered, they forget the pics always end up online.

And we'll give-up the sponsors that give them the money to cross dress and puke.

And Baja Racing will give you the pics...EXCLUSIVELY...Stay Tuned!

Gary from Ensenada

BAJA 500 2010 "The Animal House" Racers Set for June 5

Baja Racing Odds On Favorites


13 Ed Stout Bottleneck 9 to 1

20 Rob MacCachren Patience pays 2 to 1

30 Robbie Pierce Under pressure 4 to 1

74 Rob Bruce Jesse's new arch nemesis 9 to 1

76 Jesse Jones Should prerun Erindera 3 to 1

40 Chet Huffman TOP TIP 4 to 1

1 Robby Gordon OA 2 to 1

31 Andy McMillin Not if he can help it 2 to 1

42 Will Staats Will try too hard 5 to 1

97 B.J. Baldwin Needs to regroup 2 to 1

24 Adam Householder Ditch digger 6 to 1

22 Damen Jefferies Recall "1" days? 10 to 1

25 Al Hogan No reservations 9 to 1

19 Tim Herbst Glory days possibly gone 6 to 1

23 Mark McMillin Has not shown anything 5 to1

7 Scott Steinberger Might be psyched up 6 to 1

78 Jesse Ashcraft Detail-plagued 8 to 1

50 Jason McNeil Break 9 to 1

35 Jason Voss "Hot" 3 to 1

59 Craig Potts Will lose a corner early 9 to 1

10 Greg Nunley Not 9 to 1

95 Scott Whipple Not supercharged 9 to 1

47 James Bult Trying to save 0.1% weight 9 to 1

21 Gustavo Vildosola, Jr. Overamped? 4 to 1

70 Bryce Menzies Vehicle can win 5 to 1

49 Troy Herbst Long time at the back 5 to 1

94 Steve Strobel DARK HORSE 6 to 1

39 Ron Whitton Long night 9 to 1

16 Cameron Steele In the groove 4 to 1

51 Kory Scheeler Banking on Stouts dust 5 to 1

53 Rick Thomas Needs neck support 9 to 1

96 Bobby Baldwin BJ's second ride? 7 to 1

2 Pete Sohren It's ALWAYS something 9 to 1

84 Nick Vanderwey "Escuela de Pato" works 3 to 1

9 Gary Weyhrich Off-form 5 to 1

71 Rick D. Johnson Hampered by draw 5 to 1

8 Roger Norman Might blitz field 4 to 1

48 Jimmy Nuckles Big Leagues too big 9 to 1

67 Ruben Ledezma Not "Leadezma" 9 to 1

46 John Koltura Needs Billy G. 9 to 1


101 Daniel McMillin Must make haste on T-Ts 3 to 1

102 Eric Chase Must avoid lawn furniture, rocks, and cliffs 3 to 1

103 Armin Schwarz Plays the steady game 2 to 1

104 Paul Keller DARK HORSE 5 to 1

105 Dan Martin Cops a plea 3 to 1

106 Conan Barker No barbarian 9 to 1

107 Cody Parkhouse Needs fine tuning 7 to 1

108 Kory Halopoff The Team To Beat 2 to 1

100 Randy Wilson In a rough crowd 3 to 1

110 Mark Weyhrich Takes care thru pits 5 to 1

111 Sean Mecham NFW 9 to 1

112 Ryan Sharman No happy ending 9 to 1

113 Dennis Boyle only 180 6 to 1

114 William Eriksen Delusions of grandure 9 to 1

115 Josh Rigsby Oft troubled 10 to 1

116 Richard Boyle Expect more 4 to 1

117 Ronny Wilson TOP TIP 3 to 1

118 Chris Kemp Unkempt 9 to 1

119 Steve Garcia Lucky to finish 9 to 1

120 Steve Appleton Apple never falls far from the starting line 9 to 1

121 Rudy Cortez Better in "10" 5 to 1

122 Brett Lenk Chain is as strong as its weakest Lenk 5 to 1

123 Armin Kremer Too aggressive 4 to 1

149 Adam Ashcraft - 1st RS Scat a good combo 5 to 1

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