Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baja Newspaper names "Monster Mike" Public Enemy Number 1! Overcaster Monster Mike Talks About The Weather. "It's Overcast", said BobCat

UPDATE! March 1, 2011

ESPN Quotes Baja Racing and others CHOKE!

Monster Mike named Public Enemy Number 1 of Baja Off-Road!

Reactions of this story from the butt-wipe rag El Vigia Newspaper in Ensenada Mexico:

""Monster Mike, public enemy number one of Baja
A singular character in the Off-Road is "Monster Mike", although this is only worse by creating different campaigns against tourism and travel corridors to Baja California, although whether it has been a criminal to deceive and rob people different sites of the peninsula." Monster Mikes comments on Baja Racing makes him 'persona non grata'.""
Also quoted, "he has warrants for arrest pending in three states".

Does this mean Monster Mike is wanted or unwanted in Baja? Maybe both!

One thing is for sure. With the economy killing off-road companies daily, dead bodies swinging from ropes on bridges in Tijuana and desert racer Sloppy killing 8 at the California 200 desert race at Soggy Dry Lake with Misery Motorsports, yes, 'Monster Mike' is the greatest threat to Baja Mexico and desert off-road racing.

Get a grip you racing pussies and get some balls and brains.

Gary Newsome, Editor

The Original Story:

The overcaster Monster Mike, outrageously sez "the weather is Overcast".

"Overcasting" isn't new, but they are, way beyond webcasting or podcasts. BobCat & Monster Mike entertain and inform, the real-deal in racing news and commentary every Monday, "overcasted" LIVE! on Baja Racing

Services for the desert racing community went public in 2002, with the "Best In The Desert Racing Association" though Monster Mike was supporting racing ever since being sponsored himself, by racing legend George Hurst.

From 2002, Mike was the Mexico representative on the San Diego County Medical Care Committee, through 2005.

Monster Mike has caused controversy ever since 2007, 2006, [Really, way before even this, 1998] when no-one knew about the cresting Mexico crime wave, before the news, but after our pronouncements, the crimes broke on American shores. The news went around the world from our clarion call on the internet.

When no one else in the region would comment about the coming Baja Mexico crime wave, some did. The reports from Monster Mike, clued travelling publics about the true dangers occurring at the time.

Live web events are now the biggest attention grabbers on the world wide web and Mike is making waves again by "holding no punches" and bringing the big-time excitement of live events, right into your home. The inside stories, the lifestyles of the people involved and drama of the competition are delivered minute-by-minute.

Even big news stories are brought to life, through your computer. In BIG NEWS events, everyone wants the information faster and to the point. The Monster Mike overcasts have stirred viewpoints challenging the assumed truths in some of the biggest news stories in the last decade. Business, Sports and Leisure worlds are moving much faster today.

Recent reactions to the Monster Mike overcasts have exposed the uninformed and negligent chasms of many business, sports and leisure publics.

In racing circles, safety has never been 'top of mind' information. Event management, race relay communications, head and neck restraints, greater racer safety and now, spectator concerns are causing rancor.

Pictured, Monster Mike shooting the CABO 500 desert off-road race

Rather than talking about the relevant issues, all of the naysayers have been proven to be one-sided truth hiders.

In many reader reactions viewing the overcasted headlines, the uninformed may not know what to think. The caustic and juvenile comments on the web, are indicative of the reach and the impact of the overcasts Monster Mike does every week. Far from being mere webcasts or podcasts, these overcasts have caused such furor and hate, that the viewing and listening numbers for Baja Racing and have gone off the charts in the last year.

Meet the REAL DEAL and Crew!

Gary Newsome, Editor
Baja Racing